Our Stories in Numbers: The representation of victim survivors in the National Student Safety Survey

cw: mentions of sexual assault and harassment, institutional neglect From  6 September to 3 October, Universities Australia—the country’s peak corporate body of higher education—is running the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS). Conducted by  Dr. Anastasia Powell (RMIT), and the Social Research Centre, the survey is aimed at “encouraging students to share about their experiences of […]

17 September 2021
‘Can we get a cheer for systemic oppression’: Talking racism within the VCA

The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), with the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, are one of the most influential art schools in the Southern Hemisphere. Graduates have gone on to become recognisable faces of screen and stage, to have artistic works displayed in major global exhibitions and to perform on the circuit of esteemed opera […]

8 March 2021
University of Melbourne reopens campus through their ‘three-mode delivery’ system

After almost an entire year of remote learning, the University of Melbourne will be reopening to students in January 2021 through a three-mode delivery system for the First Half Year of 2021. This system includes online classes, campus-based classes, and dual-delivery where classes are taught both online and in-person. All students may enrol in dual-delivery […]

5 March 2021
International students call on Victorian Government to improve support

International students experiencing financial hardship and food insecurity have called on the Victorian Government to improve support measures. The state government established a $45 million International Student Emergency Relief Fund in April 2020 to support students whose finances have been hit by reduced working hours or job losses.  However, the fund ignored unemployed international students, […]

When You Return to Campus…

It’s been a while since many of us have been on campus. For some of you, you’ve only caught a glimpse or two of university life. Farrago thought a small guide to returning to campus could be useful (there are some things you pick up after six years of tertiary education!) A Cold One Queensberry […]

ICYMI: COVID-19 Subject Scores to Still Appear on Student Transcripts

Students studying during the COVID-19 pandemic have been drawn into a false sense of security by the University’s revised Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation system.  Introduced earlier this year, the system acknowledges that students may be academically disadvantaged during the pandemic, but still makes them bear individual subject scores on their transcript. The current WAM […]

8 December 2020
Secret Spaces: The University of Melbourne Food Co-Op

Union House is arguably the beating heart of campus. And while many of its spaces are well-known, there is one quiet spot nestled by the first-floor elevators that is home to an unexpected and impressive history. ‘The Food Co-op,’ a sign reads. ‘Since 1976. Under no management.’ A co-operative is defined as a ‘democratic organization […]

Studying through COVID: how the pandemic has impacted the university experience

There’s no denying that this academic year has been unlike any that University of Melbourne students have faced before. With the end of the year approaching, Farrago is rounding up how the year has impacted students and what lies ahead in 2021. The most notable change for students this year was a rapid transition to […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editors The Students’ Council of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) is broken. It no longer serves students and instead addresses the personal grievances of a small group of people who zealously attempt to enact their personal ideologies. I have been the 2020 Education (Academic Affairs) Officer of UMSU in 2020, […]

Mental Health Support for Young People During COVID-19 Not Enough

Content Warning: COVID-19, mental illness and self-harm. As the pandemic continues, attention is shifting towards how to best handle the physical and mental impacts of COVID-19. The mental health of young people has been identified as being particularly vulnerable to the impact of the virus and the associated measures taken to prevent its spread. But, […]

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