Mad about inequality: Gender Representation in Mathematics

In mathematics, there’s a big drop-off in percentage representation of female and non- binary students between undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. So, to explore this further, I interviewed five women and one non- binary person who are currently undergraduate maths students at the University of Melbourne.

4 March 2019
Mad about inequality: Gender Representation in Mathematics Student Interviews

Student 1 I’m a second year studying pure maths, logic, and a dash of statistics. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after my degree, but I’m definitely considering postgrad logic. I’m also non-binary. I think my gender has definitely affected my studies. I’m often not comfortable being out as non-binary in class the […]

Campus Sustainability

The University of Melbourne’s new sustainability policies have been riddled with miscommunication between its implementation and its advertising.

Bursting the Parkville Bubble

With most student services and events located at the Parkville campus, the student experience (or the lack thereof) at the satellite campuses is
often overlooked in favour of their bigger Parkville counterpart.

MORE! Politics

MORE! has become the new leading party for UMSU

4 October 2016
Beer Not Books (or, the Unco-operative Bookshop)

A Farrago report reveals the lie behind the name.

29 August 2016
Arts Vs The World

Eleanor McCooey in support of the worth of Arts degrees.

19 July 2016
The big ones: health, infrastructure and education

Raising the cost of uni fees will leave graduates with larger debt for longer, and will likely exclude a number attempting to gain higher education.

6 May 2016
The Postcode Paradigm

Simone Williams meditates on the East West debate.

18 April 2016
A Bitter Pill: Drug Testing at Festivals

The fact is many Australians take drugs and will continue to do so no matter the legality.

1 April 2016
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