Continuing the Fight

Content Warning: Sexual Assault and Harassment. In conversation with Women’s Officers, Aria Sunga and Naomi Smith, and Sexual Harm and Response Coordinator, Patrick Tidmarsh on sexual assault and harassment on campus. In 2020, University of Melbourne Student Union Women’s Office Bearers, Aria Sunga and Naomi Smith continued their campaign against sexual harassment on campus. They […]

3 December 2020
University on Track to Meet Sustainability Goals Despite Waste Setback

The University of Melbourne’s penultimate Sustainability Report revealed the University has failed to meet its waste reduction targets over the last year. Released on July 23rd, the 2019 Report states the University produced 29 kilograms of waste per person in 2019, far exceeding the Sustainability Plan’s 2020 goal of just 20 kilograms per person. University […]

2 November 2020
A Non-Exhaustive List of the Very Specific Things I Miss About (the Parkville) Campus

Reader, did campus ever really exist? Or was it some very expensive collective hallucination we all had? After all, it’s been months (weeks? decades? time is bizarre this year) since I set foot in the place, and my memories of it are becoming ever-hazier.  Kidding aside, I do miss campus. Not its flashier, brashier aspects […]

23 October 2020
The Fight for Education

The cost of Law, Commerce and Humanities degrees is set to increase by up to 113 per cent after the Coalition struck a deal with the Centre Alliance party, which passed the Job-Ready Graduates package through the Senate on Thursday 8 October. The bill is aimed at reducing fees for courses that align with the […]

12 October 2020
2020 UMSU Office Bearer Candidates

Are you voting in the 2020 UMSU Elections? UMSU Election week is from the 7-11 September 2020. Here you can find your candidates and their statements below in alphabetical order by position. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in reaching out to the Deputy Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz. Other relevant information may be […]

4 September 2020
Secret Spaces: The George Paton Gallery

“There’s no gallery on the Parkville campus!” This was me in 2017. Unfortunately, I hear my sentiments echoed across the campus. There is, in fact, a gallery on campus – a rather important gallery. The George Paton Gallery (GPG) Founded in 1971 as the Ewing and George Paton Gallery, GPG is located on level 2 of […]

31 August 2020
“Vague and Confusing” : Students Challenged by Online Delivery of Stem Subjects

As the University of Melbourne continues to remain online for semester two, STEM students worry that their studies are at a disadvantage after their experience in online labs and practicals during semester one. While specific arrangements for practical classes vary across subjects and faculties, many units within the Faculty of Science have transitioned their in-person […]

Delayed Response to COVID-19 Leaves Unimelb Exchange Students Stranded

University of Melbourne exchange students found their plans thrown into jeopardy as Australia first enforced bans towards interstate and overseas travellers. When Victoria first went into lockdown in March, many students—local and international—struggled to receive sound advice on how the rest of their semester would unfold. The response from the University of Melbourne to coronavirus […]

2020 UMSU Election Reporting

This liveblog is for the 2020 UMSU Elections Reporting from Farrago reporters. All questions and queries about the reporting of this election should be directed to the Deputy Returning Officer and the 2020 Media Officers. All questions and queries about candidates and how to complete a postal vote should be directed to the Deputy Returning Officer. Stephen […]

25 August 2020
A Hidden Struggle: COVID-19 and International Student Mental Health

According to international students from the University of Melbourne, the COVID-19 crisis, in particular its effects on their academics and financial situations, has had a detrimental impact on their mental health. 

6 July 2020
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