Fair Enough? The Desire for Lighter Skin

For more than 40 years, Curry Corner, a tiny store in Melbourne’s CBD that specialises in Indian imports, has been selling spices and lentils. But what catches the eye almost instantly is the large collection of skin-whitening products in the front right corner of the shop. From a skin bleaching cream for “instant golden glow” by Fem to a whitening cream called “Fair & Lovely”, there is a chemical formula available for every part of the body. Yes, even the privates.

8 August 2018
Less is More is Less

I am a hoarder. On the cluttered shelves above my desk, among stacks of loose paper and magazines, miscellaneous trinkets and nametags, I have a mason jar filled with twelve tubes of rainbow glitter from a dollar store in Brunswick.

Blisters and Business Cards

Kaavya Jha on authenticity in the worlds of high fashion and high finance

20 April 2018
Sharon Huang Liang: Hiring
A Shit Job

Trent Vu on working in hospitality and retail

19 April 2018
Kmart by Sharon Huang Liang
The New Viral

Alex D. Epstein looks at ‘native advertising’ in Australia.

2 March 2018
Steal Now, Pay Later

Australians love to shoplift. Don’t believe me? It is now estimated that we’re losing 2.2 per cent of annual retail turnover, or $4.5 billion, to sticky fingers.

18 July 2017
Wearing Out The Planet

“That top, it’s fantastic,” was the first thing the barista said to me when I entered the Brunswick café – the type of place where The Smiths mellow the crate-furnished, many-a-pot-plant matchbox of a room. “Thank you,” I replied, but really, I was thanking Savers. My oversized T-shirt, a gem of a garment featuring a trio of (stoned, I like to believe) cats playing jazz before a full moon was only three dollars from the recycle superstore – a true bargain for such a masterpiece. But sadly, this isn’t a story about hipster fashion finds.

7 June 2017