Climate Change

Climate Protest Goes Ahead Despite Criticism From Authorities

Thousands of Melburnians gathered at the State Library on Friday to demand immediate climate action.  Despite persistent rain, protestors filled the steps of the library and overflowed onto Swanston Street and La Trobe Street, before marching through the city. Around 30,000 people attended the march according to organisers Uni Students for Climate Justice. The student […]

12 January 2020
Future Cities

In 2008, humans became a majority urban species for the first time. Today, up to 54 per cent of people live in cities, and that number is only set to rise. Climate change will impact the cities and towns we live in—many urban areas will have to change significantly, and rapidly, in order to withstand the pressures of increasing dangerous weather events, heat waves, and other climatic dangers.

9 August 2018
Overpopulation: Other People’s Problem

Katie Doherty looks at overpopulation

28 May 2018
Breaking: Climate Change Still A Thing

Katie Doherty on the 24-hour news cycle

20 April 2018
Personal Behaviour - Lincoln Glasby
Can an Individual’s Choice Make a Difference in the Face of Global Warming?

Katie Doherty on an individual’s choice in the face of global warming

5 April 2018
Geoengineering1 - Lincoln Glasby
The Rise of Geoengineering

Katie Doherty explains the issues with the potential solution to climate change

15 March 2018
Responding to the Ecocity World Summit

Former US Vice President and ongoing climate campaigner, Al Gore was the keynote speaker at the biennial Ecocity World Summit hosted in Melbourne last Thursday. Gore’s speech highlighted three main ideas pertaining to the gravity of climate change world-wide; Must we change? Can we change? Will we change? These three questions laid the foundation for […]

17 July 2017
Eating Ourselves Into Extinction

It is no secret that we are heading towards an apocalypse that would give even Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money. The 21st century has nine out of the ten warmest recorded years of history. We are well on our way to securing the two degrees Celsius increase in our global temperature. […]

29 March 2017