Clubs & Societies

From a Passion, to a Club

I wanted to do everything, but it certainly didn’t help that there are over 200 clubs. Even so, I couldn’t find one that I was totally enthusiastic about. For those who aren’t satisfied with the current selection, don’t worry. Not only can you join a club, you can also create a new club!

19 October 2018
The Pub Crawl Problem

Now a steady staple of orientation week, pub crawls organised by large student societies routinely draw large numbers of first-year students. Almost a University ritual, these events see students roaming from pub to pub, always dressed up and enthusiastic. The problem with these proceedings, however, is that they contradict regulations laid out by the University […]

4 March 2018
Your Guide to Clubs and Societies

You’ve just arrived at university. It’s your first week, you’re excited AF but pretty intimidated at the same time. You might recognise a couple of people from your old school—or maybe you know nary a soul. The place is huge, confusing to navigate and you wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to […]

14 February 2018
Liquor License Regulation Changes to Affect Orientation Camps

The University Of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) clubs and societies department has proposed new liquor licensing regulations, changing the ways alcohol can be consumed on club camps. It is now a requirement that all clubs running a camp must hold a liquor license, meaning that campers will no longer be allowed to bring their own […]

20 December 2017
The Death of the Club

Why are students engaging less?

23 August 2017