Lucy Peach
Interview: Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach stars as the greatest human being in her award-winning show My Greatest Period Ever.

11 April 2018
Guy Montgomery
Interview: Guy Montgomery

Guy Montgomery has the linguistic ability and dissertation of a young Freud.

“500 breakups, 3 cancelled engagements and the end of one 15-year marriage”—Talking Comedy with Daniel Sloss

It’s basically me trying to work out whether or not I’m a sociopath. It’s my rebuttal to the claims that I’m a sociopath.

4 April 2018
Review: Rose Matafeo’s Horndog

There’s an old adage people like to use when explaining comedy, which is “comedy equals tragedy plus time”. Although the abundance of depressed and alcoholic comedians seems to support this saying, it is also true that comedy can come from many different, happy emotions and from positive experiences. Rose Matafeo’s Horndog is a show primarily about celebrating things that this young, New Zealander stand-up loves and it’s a delightful change of pace.

Interview: Matt Vasquez

When I first saw Matt Vasquez perform comedy, I was about to go on stage. His first impression was legendary and the marksmanship of a great comedian.

Chinese Comedy and #MeToo: An Interview with Comedian Des Bishop

American-Irish comedian Des Bishop has been enormously successful performing stand-up, creating multiple documentaries, and appearing on TV around the globe.

27 March 2018
Review: Orny Adams—More Than Loud

Despite the startling scene, Orny advised we take a five minute break before getting back with the show as we formed little discussion groups about the brawl. Orny returned with a sombre tone as he reminded us what we all love about comedy, especially his brand of comedy. It never seeks to divide. It’s to make us all laugh. He looked at us and pumped his fist in the air (or at least that’s what it felt like) and sought to reclaim the night from the assholes—one of whom couldn’t keep a shirt on. The night ended on a high note as Orny wrapped up his material and left us with the last laugh. 

26 March 2018
Interview: Orny Adams—Once Comedy’s Antagonised Underdog

Speaking about failure, Orny said: “It’s frustrating, it’s angering, it’s not easy, and it’s painful. It’s a lot of pain. You can’t intellectualize what’s going on. It doesn’t make sense to you, you know you’re capable of something and you’re not being allowed to do it. It’s that sense of injustice which I think is something that we all feel in life.”

20 March 2018
‘Into the Abyss’: An Interview with Jacob Sacher

When Jacob first joins me in the office I feel a little flustered, but he kindly reassures me: “There is no such thing as good or bad questions, only human connection.” We’re off to a good start. To continue with this theme of human connection, Jacob shares a recent, personal experience of participating in a medical study, which has left him with a sore spleen due to an increase in white blood cells. I quietly (but sincerely) hope that this won’t be an issue during the interview.

19 March 2018
An Interview with Comedian Ben Volchok

Ben Volchok Presents … sees Ben Volchok perform two episodes of original radio comedy live on stage. From silly voices to sound effects, Ben does it all armed only with a microphone (borrowed) and some arms (his). Also a computer (also his).

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