Review – Rhys Nicholson: I’m Fine

“And then, like some sort of Dickarus who had flown too close to the sun…” He holds the rubber fist sex toy up in the air, triumphant. The lights black out. Thus concludes Rhys Nicholson’s newest show, ‘I’m Fine’ – a hilarious performance in which the audience is made privy to the inner workings of […]

6 April 2017
Review – Laura Davis: Cake in the Rain

I’d love to pretend this review is objective, but that would be lying. I’ve been a huge fan of Laura Davis’ since her show Ghost Machine, at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I was in a fairly dark place at the time and attended the show more for a distraction than anything else. But by […]

3 April 2017
Review – Daniel Kitson: Not Yet But Soon

Daniel Kitson is a bearded man from Yorkshire. He has huge, thick glasses that move around and add an extra range of expression to his face, like a pianist with another two fingers. The first thing he does when I see his new show, Not Yet But Soon, is apologise for starting 20 minutes late. […]

Interview: Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith is the Stephen Hawking of the comedy world. His analysis and obsession with the mechanisms that induce laughter, as well as what lurks behind the curtain of the comedy industry is fascinating. We discuss how Stuart found his own comedic voice- having progressed from a street circus performer, into a man who performed […]

Stand Up For What

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival makes the air taste sweeter. The whole city seems to wobble with laughter as summer yawns its way into the colder months. It’s a good belly laugh. One that stretches the rib cage, chisels a six-pack or turns a bad day good. It’s a requisite for all of us in […]

29 March 2017
Interview: Anne Edmonds

When Anne Edmonds first performed stand-up comedy she had a “light-bulb moment,” where the rush of the crowd laughing ignited her passion to make a career out of it. Since she was a student at The University of Melbourne, Anne has featured on TV shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention and Fancy Boy, […]

27 March 2017
Review: Sam Garlepp

He carried on speaking a thousand words a minute, jumping between stories, dropping puns and dancing to Taylor Sw

13 April 2016
Review: Paul Foot

The audience begins a descent into the mind of a comic genius. Or a total lunatic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Interview: Paul Foot

I’ve been known to knight people in the street, even though I don’t have the authority or legal right to do that.

Review: Tripod

After twenty years, Tripod has lost absolutely zero momentum.

12 April 2016
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