The End Of History?

History is more than just the study of great men, great ideas and great events. Race, gender and class are not reductive categories in the study of history, and many of those crucial events they laud the study of cannot be properly understood without these lenses.

14 August 2018
E.T. Phone Home

Alien. That’s the best way to describe it. Being an immigrant often feels like you’re between a rock and a hard place. But the rock is the place you are now, and the hard place is fitting in. Always in between, always not quite there, mentally or physically. Physically, missing out on schoolies for a family trip back to the home that is spoken of at least once every family meal. Mentally, always worlds away, wrapped up in stories from family about faraway lands, of sights, smells and people that exist on what seems like an entirely different planet.

9 August 2018
Shaw Davey Slum Shafts Students

Since 2014, The Shaw Davey Slum has offered several deals aimed specifically at students: $5 pizzas, $1 pots and $12 for a chicken parmigiana with chips being among the most scandalising. These specials attained an almost folklorist quality among students. However, January 2018 saw the promise of $5 pizza suddenly and discretely erased from the menu.

31 May 2018
An Open Letter

Veera Ramayah addresses white allies

28 May 2018
Commitment Isn’t Convenient

In today’s capitalist society, the dollar is the most influential tool at one’s disposal, and the University would rather use it to benefit financially from climate change than contribute to proper efforts to mitigate it.

21 May 2018
Poorniima Colourism
The Darker the Berry

Veera Ramayah on colourism

20 April 2018
Fe***ism: A Tale of Two Classrooms

Nour Altoukhi on the universality of feminism

19 April 2018
It’s Not Enough To Be A Non-Fascist

Andie Moore on our obligation to defend society

What's in a Name? by Sophie Sun
What’s in a Name?

Bella Ruskin on the changing landscape of surnames

4 April 2018
A Coat of Whitewash by Poorniima Shanmugam
A Coat of Whitewash

Veera Ramayah on her education on colonialism

15 March 2018
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