Editorial: In Response to Facebook’s Australian News Ban

In response to the Federal Government’s proposed media bargaining code, all Australian news services—including student media—have now been banned by Facebook from publishing posts and sharing news links from their accounts. It is a bewildering and heartbreaking time for Australian media. In recent years, many student media outlets, Farrago included, have increasingly divested from print […]

19 February 2021
Edition Three 2020 Editorial

Bethany Cherry The world has become overwhelming. Our lives have become numbers, names have become movements, and reminders of how ‘well’ everyone else is handling this pandemic are being projected all over the walls like trophies. I want an honest conversation about how unhealthy this is. The inclination of the human is to connect, something […]

24 November 2020
Edition Two 2020 Editorial

Bethany Cherry Let me explain privilege during a pandemic. The light just blew. A world in sudden darkness is full of panic. People are tripping over each other. The poor, the marginalised, the ederly, the casual and the front-line workers.They fall the hardest. Your first instinct is to help the fallen, get them up and […]

Edition Four 2020 Editorial

Bethany You may notice I am holding a printer in the photo below. Not an advertisement for Canon but a poke at the UMSU for being silly sausages. They have spent more time harassing Farrago than representing the students they have made so many promises to. I had to stand up in council and call […]

Edition Five 2020 Editorial

Bethany Cherry I feel alive with a page full of quotes. Words from people past that bring an unlikely sense of perspective and peace. My favourite quotes are from children book authors, the likes of Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl. I listen to these guys more than I do my parents, who, bless their hearts, […]

Edition One 2020 Editorial

Welcome to Edition One. Welcome to the 2020 editors.

25 March 2020
Edition Seven Editorial

We acknowledge Farrago is created on land that always has and always will belong to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. This land is stolen and sovereignty was never ceded, and no acknowledgement is enough to give it back. We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging, and to all Aboriginal and Torres […]

28 November 2019
Edition Five Editorial

The campus has been a ghost town the last couple of months while we were putting Edition 5 together. It’s our busiest time of year right now with lots of media-related projects on the go—so a little bit of peace and quiet was probably necessary—but we’re so excited to have people in and out of the office asking us for stuff again with the new semester commencing. If you find yourself in Union House, come and say hello sometime! The media space and office is on Level 4, and our door is always open if you ever want to chat about getting involved or even just hang out or study with other like-minded media fanatics. And we’ve got a big, fuck off heater up here, and many teabags, so we can promise it’ll be a very cosy time.

11 August 2019
Edition Three Editorial

Now the start-of-semester dust has settled and we’re all neck deep in assignments, it seems like a good time to reflect on where we are on our editorial journey. We became the Farrago editorial team late last year and since then have worked every single day putting out this big baby each month. It’s been a wild ride, but we adore Farrago, and are so grateful for the opportunity to put important pictures and words into print and distribute them across campus.

14 May 2019
Edition Two Editorial

Like everything else in Edition Two, we’ve left this until the very last minute and it barely feels real. We don’t know what’s going on, we’re weak, we’re tired, no-one is eating right.

28 April 2019
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