Edition Four Editorial

We’re meant to go to print tomorrow we are I mean going together in the fun near-future tense it’s a week later today.

21 May 2018
Edition Three Editorial

The first step to running a magazine is accepting that people aren’t always going to agree with everything you do.

27 April 2018
Edition Two Editorial

“Do you think it’s clear that I’m trying to emulate J.K. Rowling’s style?” he said after a while. “Does the pastiche come through?”

14 March 2018
Edition One Editorial

What stays the same, though—in all student media—is the sense that what you’re reading doesn’t matter at all but is possibly the most important thing in the world.

20 February 2018
A correction from the Editors

Dear readers, We’d like to apologise for some factual inaccuracies in the Edition Four article, Poor Counsel (pg. 11). In the article, an UMSU Office Bearer stated, “The University used to run ten counselling sessions, but now it has dropped down to six.” We have since been advised that this is false. Furthermore, the Officer Bearers said, “We recently […]

13 June 2017
EDITORIAL: Transparency and Accountability in Student Organisations

You are accountable to the students who fund you, let them see why they should.

4 December 2015
2013 Edition 3 Editorial

Anyone who had odds on us making a Margaret Thatcher effigy has just received an unlikely windfall. Oh, how a storm of excrement livens things up. For those mightily confused, this is all due to a controversial motion passed at Students’ Council (pg. 6). The motion is something which we at Farrago see as a series of […]

31 May 2013
2013 Edition 2 Editorial

We’ve never worked well within a theme. Bustling within these pages is the collective psyche of the student body–excitable, scruffy, and untamable. Literally defined as a ‘confused mixture’, even the dictionary thinks Farrago is a bit of a mess. But as your words started rolling in to fill these motley pages, collections of ideas seemed to […]

30 April 2013
2013 Edition 1 Editorial

Welcome to edition 1, 2013.

27 February 2013
2012 Edition 7 Editorial

In the penultimate edition for 2012, Farrago tackles sexuality in sport. In recent weeks, Melbourne University graduate and country footballer Jason Ball came out publicly to petition the AFL to tackle homophobia within the sport and its community. His action took great courage and has already yielded positive outcomes with the AFL screening ‘No To Homophobia’ advertisements […]

31 October 2012
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