Edition One Editorial

In the week leading up to sending this mag to print, each of the editors had a work-related stress dream.

28 February 2019
Edition Eight Editorial

This is a humblebrag, but we’re really proud of ourselves and every single contributor to Farrago, Radio Fodder, Farrago Video and Above Water this year.

19 October 2018
Edition Seven Editorial

Here’s how you get someone to vote for you in a student election. You print flyers and wear a brightly coloured t-shirt and stand somewhere on campus reasonably close to one of the voting booths, like the one in the lobby of the Baillieu Library.

5 September 2018
Edition Six Editorial

One of the main reasons the media exists, and Farrago exists, is the hope that our writing might change things for the better.

14 August 2018
Edition Five Editorial

You may be wondering why there’s a photo of us naked covered in copies of everyone’s favourite News Corp newspaper, The Australian.

16 July 2018
Edition Four Editorial

We’re meant to go to print tomorrow we are I mean going together in the fun near-future tense it’s a week later today.

21 May 2018
Edition Three Editorial

The first step to running a magazine is accepting that people aren’t always going to agree with everything you do.

27 April 2018
Edition Two Editorial

“Do you think it’s clear that I’m trying to emulate J.K. Rowling’s style?” he said after a while. “Does the pastiche come through?”

14 March 2018
Edition One Editorial

What stays the same, though—in all student media—is the sense that what you’re reading doesn’t matter at all but is possibly the most important thing in the world.

20 February 2018
A correction from the Editors

Dear readers, We’d like to apologise for some factual inaccuracies in the Edition Four article, Poor Counsel (pg. 11). In the article, an UMSU Office Bearer stated, “The University used to run ten counselling sessions, but now it has dropped down to six.” We have since been advised that this is false. Furthermore, the Officer Bearers said, “We recently […]

13 June 2017
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