Education sector responds to COVID-19

Primary and secondary schools around Australia have experienced a chaotic start to term two this year faced with conflicting advice from different levels of government.  In Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews had initially been adamant that state schools would be closed for the entirety of term two, a position which had  drawn criticism from federal Education […]

12 May 2020
Women in Higher Education: A Conversation Worth Having

At the beginning of August, the University of Melbourne held its annual Women in Higher Education Week, aiming to explore the experiences of women in tertiary education, both the positive aspects and some of the challenges. A few weeks later, as some sort of distantly linked follow-up, I had the chance to moderate a panel aiming to unpack some of the gendered structures that affect women in this field and explore avenues for change.

5 November 2018
Who’s Credit is it Anyway?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to transfer into a course at UniMelb? Are you not getting much fun out of accounting or Habermas? Well, you’re in luck, because you can transfer either as a University of Melbourne student or from a rival university.

19 October 2018
SHOCKING: Lecture Attendance Low

A Lecture Attendance Report conducted in 2017 has revealed that a large proportion of undergraduate Arts (69 per cent) and Science (63 per cent) students are not attending their lectures.

Women and the Culture of Philosophy

A report commissioned in 2008 by the Committee of Senior Academics Addressing the Status of Women in the Philosophy Profession examines an often neglected problem: the underrepresentation of women in philosophy.

Accepting the Uncertainty

My PhD confidence crisis crept up on me so slowly that I barely noticed it. There was no tectonic shift—I love you PhD, I love you not—nor was there any acrimonious fracture of my supervisory relationships or mounting distain for my topic. But when the words of Dr Seuss’s Oh The Places You’ll Go! started resonating with me and perfectly described my PhD trajectory, I knew it was time to take a breath.

SSAF Grants: Explained

Did you know that you could receive up to $250,000 for a project that would benefit students at the University of Melbourne?

6 September 2018
Turnt in For What?

Students who submit essays to Turnitin might find their essays commodified for paid plagiarism-checking services such as WriteCheck.

Student Card Replacement Fees Highest in the Country

The University of Melbourne’s student card replacement fee is the highest in the country, and at $50 is nearly double the average national cost.

LSAT, GAMSAT, UMAT: Are They All That?

LSAT, GAMSAT and UMAT—you’ve probably heard them thrown around in worried sighs by future lawyers and doctors stressing over the tests that will decide their fate. But what are these tests actually measuring, and is their cost justified?

17 July 2018
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