Jumping Hurdles

With exams looming, students are concerned about whether changes to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) will impact their marks.

22 September 2017

The University of Melbourne, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) have united in opposition to the federal budget’s proposed reforms to Higher Education.

23 August 2017
What is the right amount for university students to pay? A panel discussion

What went down when a student, a policy maker and the Vice-Chancellor sat down for a chat.

7 July 2017
Graduate Courses Online

The University has taken the first steps towards “establishing the capacity to develop, deliver and maintain a suite of high quality, online, graduate-level courses”. The Graduate Online – Melbourne Initiative is currently focusing on offering online degrees in two fields of study, evaluation and ageing. The online courses range from specialist certificates to masters degrees. […]

19 June 2015
Pop Cultural Studies

Last year, Rutgers University in the US inaugurated a new course of study called ‘Politicising Beyoncé’. The Internet experienced a minor haemorrhage as a result. The announcement presaged a surfeit of online articles exposing other similarly left-of-field studies offered by American colleges – from Princeton’s ‘Getting Dressed’ seminar (in which you chart the major trials […]

20 March 2015
New Direction in Education Action

Twenty fourteen was certainly an eventful year in politics, and higher education policy was one of the key issues on the national agenda. A number of activist groups around the country scored significant media coverage with a series of high-profile protests against the Abbott government’s education reforms. But the controversy surrounding some of the more […]

SES: How Was It For You?

The University of Melbourne will begin releasing the results of the Subject Experience Surveys (SES) to students this semester. While the survey questions have not changed, this decision demonstrates a step by the university towards more interactive student feedback on the standard of education they are receiving. The SES results are to be released via […]

30 June 2013
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