Review: Dumplin’

I am only new to Netflix, but the much-anticipated Netflix Original Dumplin’ has already made my subscription more than worth it. Based on the novel of the same name by Julie Murphy, the critically acclaimed film is set in small-town Texas, and is not only entertaining but important.

19 December 2018
Review: Eighth Grade

Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade operates as a sort of time capsule. It takes the cringeworthy, the devastating, and the dizzying and doesn’t polish them. It simply presents their uncomfortable, brutal, visceral essence. In doing so, it becomes an authentic illustration with a real, honest beating heart.

Review: The Favourite

Partway through Yorgos Lanthimos’ superb and vicious period drama-comedy The Favourite, a character remarks that she feels her life like “a maze [she] continually thinks [she’s] gotten out of only to find another corner right in front of [her].” Much the same could be said about The Favourite—its complex, acerbic and violently funny narrative thrills the viewer and haunts them in equal measure, leaving them deeply unsettled and not nearly escaped from Lanthimos’ wiles.

17 December 2018
Review: Pick of the Litter

When someone tells you a story, regardless of how accurately the events are depicted, framing is important.

14 December 2018
Review: ‘Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse’

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is like no other animated or superhero film around. It’s a visual spectacle full of witty one-liners, weird and wonderful characters, and a whole lot of heart, all accompanied by a head-bopping soundtrack.      

13 December 2018
‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’: A refreshing superhero story with a revolutionary animated style

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ goes out of its way to present a story that is new and completely untold (at least in the realm of cinema). Everything here feels fresh. Even if at its core it is still just another Spider-Man movie, there’s probably enough new ground covered to push past some of the Spider fatigue you might be feeling.

Review: Make Love and War: Cold War

For a Polish iron-curtain period film shot in black and white, this film is remarkably accessible. Its breezy 88-minute runtime surely contributes – while the film’s pace is leisurely, it never feels belaboured.

5 December 2018
Review: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

“You can be the one to eat my pancreas. I did some more research after I saw that, and I found out that outside Japan, some people believe that if you have someone eat you, your soul lives on within them.”

26 November 2018
Review: Fahrenheit 11/9—paralysing, but important

This movie was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve seen recently. Admittedly I’m not usually a fan of horror movies, but Michael Moore’s most recent documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, was something of a wake-up call for me

16 November 2018
Review: The Girl in the Spider’s Web—Sugary Asphyxiation

Hollywood’s lolly pythons have squeezed the thrill from the fourth thriller in the Millennium series, the Girl in the Spiders Web.  In-keeping with the tradition of ‘translating’ complex narratives into packet pancakes (sugar-coated, two-dimensional, easily franchised), the Girl in the Spider’s Web wastes a talented cast on tired tropes and a plot that ties itself in knots only to arrive at an obvious conclusion.

15 November 2018
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