Review: Leave No Trace

After eight long years, the genius that is Debra Granik returns with a feature film that is as beautiful a piece of unhurried filmmaking as Winter’s Bone was. Leave No Trace—an adaptation of the novel, My Abandonment by Peter Rock—follows Will, an army veteran, and Tom, his thirteen year old daughter, who call home a little camp set-up made of tarps and other equipment in the wilderness of a nature reserve in Oregon.

6 August 2018
Review: C’est La Vie

If you’re looking for originality, you won’t find much of it in C’est La Vie where pretty much every character is a silly caricature. But although it relies heavily on tropes, it does so with charm and humour.

1 August 2018
Review: Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation

After an exhaustive experience being the painfully uninterested tag-along to my sister’s shopping spree at both Sephora and Mecca Maxima, Melbourne Central’s pre-release event for Hotel Transylvania 3 was upon us.

2 July 2018
What Will People Say: Cultural Conflict and Emotional Weight

What Will People Say (Hva Vil Folk Si) is a Norwegian coming-of-age drama written and directed by Iram Haq.

Jon (Greg Sestero) and Harvey (Tommy Wiseau) prepare for a gripping journey in Best F(r)iends. Photo courtesy of Greg Sestero.
High Marks: Greg Sestero on Best F(r)iends, The Room, and unexpected stardom

Greg Sestero, author of The Disaster Artist, becomer of Mark in “Oh hai, Mark”, first imagined the plot of his new movie Best F(r)iends while on drugs.

27 June 2018
A Christmas Prince Commentary: Why Did Netflix Make This Film?

I don’t know how to use the Xbox. It shouldn’t be such monumental issue in my life. I should just learn. In December, not knowing changed my life.

21 June 2018
Review: The Merger

I do have one gripe about this film, one scene that makes me gag. Troy, Neil and Neil’s mum Angie (the brilliant Kate Mulvany) play “Canola Bowls” which consists of them frolicking in a bright yellow canola crop playing a DIY version of ten pin bowling. Angie even has a sprig of canola tucked behind her ear like a frangipani. This would never happen because canola stinks worse than a pig truck going through town and is three-quarters of the reason I rarely leave the confines of the city. But don’t let that stop you from going to see this absolute gem of a film.

18 June 2018
SFF Exclusive Review: Marta Prus’ Over the Limit

After devoting so much screen time to the training, we don’t even see the final performance that won the gold. Because this is not a film about victory. This is a film about being crushed. This is a film about the ever-deadening passion of an all-time great rhythmic gymnast.

15 June 2018
SFF Exclusive Interview: Sari Braithwaite

Well, Australia had some of the most repressive censorship in the world and that’s not necessarily something we like to think about ourselves as a country and our history. But we did. It’s a really strong part of how we viewed films in this country. And it was only due to the acts of a small number of people that it shifted.

Review: Foxtrot

A common Jewish saying is to wish someone life until 120. So, when people fall short of this metric it can be quite disappointing.

13 June 2018
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