Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Edition One 2020: Summer

100 words or less.
Theme: Summer

24 March 2020
Flash Fiction: Puppets

100-words-or-less pieces about ghosts for Farrago 2019 Edition 7.

3 December 2019
Flash Fiction: Unsolicited Advice

100-words-or-less pieces about unsolicited advice for Farrago 2019 Edition 6.

8 October 2019
Flash Fiction: Ghosts

100-words-or-less pieces about ghosts for Farrago 2019 Edition 6.

6 August 2019
Flash Fiction: Periods

100-words-or-less pieces about periods for Farrago 2019 Edition 4.

20 June 2019
Flash Fiction: Dating Apps

100-words-or-less pieces about dating apps for Farrago 2019 Edition 3.

7 May 2019
Flash Fiction: Goats

100-words-or-less pieces about Goats for Farrago 2019 Edition 2.

3 April 2019
Flash Fiction: Breakfast Television

100-words-or-less pieces about Breakfast Television for Farrago 2019 Edition 1.

5 March 2019
Flash Fiction Eight: Endings.

This story ends with a girl whose hair is too long for her liking. Seven new songs, unwashed swimmers, and a pair of luggage tags for the flight home tomorrow. She has a lump in her throat that’s been there for two months. Everything’s tasted bitter since September.

24 October 2018
Flash Fiction Seven: Galaxies and Outer Space

Close your eyes and accept the tug. Crunch the numbers and you’ll be safe. But the tangible dangers of collision aren’t what I distrust. It is the stasis of what it lacks that makes me uneasy. It will always be an eerie pull that I can only see in my messy calculations, only existing inside my head.

25 September 2018
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