Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Edition Two 2020: Firework

by Vanessa Lee January, February pressed their lips to my neck, leaving sunburn and blisters behind. They apologised, of course, and laid our heads in their laps. We dreamt like it was January 1st of summers past, fireworks dancing in our eyes.  When the rain came, I danced alone on the baked earth of my […]

26 August 2020
Flash Fiction Edition One 2020: Summer

100 words or less.
Theme: Summer

24 March 2020
Flash Fiction: Puppets

100-words-or-less pieces about ghosts for Farrago 2019 Edition 7.

3 December 2019
Flash Fiction: Unsolicited Advice

100-words-or-less pieces about unsolicited advice for Farrago 2019 Edition 6.

8 October 2019
Flash Fiction: Ghosts

100-words-or-less pieces about ghosts for Farrago 2019 Edition 6.

6 August 2019
Flash Fiction: Periods

100-words-or-less pieces about periods for Farrago 2019 Edition 4.

20 June 2019
Flash Fiction: Dating Apps

100-words-or-less pieces about dating apps for Farrago 2019 Edition 3.

7 May 2019
Flash Fiction: Goats

100-words-or-less pieces about Goats for Farrago 2019 Edition 2.

3 April 2019
Flash Fiction: Breakfast Television

100-words-or-less pieces about Breakfast Television for Farrago 2019 Edition 1.

5 March 2019
Flash Fiction Eight: Endings.

This story ends with a girl whose hair is too long for her liking. Seven new songs, unwashed swimmers, and a pair of luggage tags for the flight home tomorrow. She has a lump in her throat that’s been there for two months. Everything’s tasted bitter since September.

24 October 2018
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