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Fodder Feature: Moon Tunes

Some of you will know me as a co-host of Snappy Hour on Radio Fodder. But semester two last year saw me try my hand at producing another show.

28 May 2018
Adibah Amani Nasarudin - Brit and Bogan
Fodder Feature: Brit and Bogan

There are some iconic duos that were just meant to go together.

19 April 2018
Adibah Amani Nasarudin - Off Beet
Fodder Feature: Off Beet

When I asked presenters Ashleigh Hastings and Carolyn Huane how they would explain the premise of Off Beet to virgins of their show, they offered “local bands, banter and hopefully enjoyable music” as a tagline.

2 April 2018
Snappy Hour by Adibah Amani Nasarudin
Fodder Feature: Snappy Hour

This year, Farrago introduces a new column—‘Fodder Feature’. Each edition, Trent Vu will conduct an interview with the talent behind a show on Melbourne Uni’s student-run radio station.

27 February 2018