For & Against

For & Against: Student Elections

Every year for a few weeks in the middle of Semester Two, the campus becomes a battleground.

29 August 2016
For & Against: The Olympics

Citius, Altius, Fortius?

8 August 2016
For & Against: Winter

Winter is here.

19 July 2016
For & Against: Pineapple on Pizza

Pineapple on pizza?

16 May 2016
Muggles Playing Quidditch

Muggles playing Quidditch. Passion or appropriation?

25 April 2016

This edition’s battle is all about avocado. Who will come out on top?

21 March 2016
For and Against: Kanye West

Kan-yay or Kan-nay? Tyson Holloway-Clarke and Rose Doole take on the ultimate debate: Is Kanye West a genius or a douchebag?

25 February 2016
For and Against / An Australian Republic

For: What do you want your country to value? This is the central question of the debate of Australia’s constitutional future: the debate between remaining a monarchy and becoming a republic. Should we value tradition, with the stability it offers, and accept the hierarchy, religiosity and the stagnation of our national culture that come with […]

10 August 2015
For and Against / Masturbation

For: Kitty Chrystal In this article, and just generally in life, I’m of the pro-mazz stance. I consider it a healthy aspect of my sexual practice, something that has helped shape my understanding of my own sexuality; something I do alone and sometimes something I do with a partner. It makes me feel good and […]

19 May 2015
for and against / Beyoncé

Queen Bey. Yay or nay? You decide. Laura Foo and Harvey Duckett battle it off.

3 March 2015
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