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For and Against: Kanye West

Kan-yay or Kan-nay? Tyson Holloway-Clarke and Rose Doole take on the ultimate debate: Is Kanye West a genius or a douchebag?

25 February 2016
For and Against / An Australian Republic

For: What do you want your country to value? This is the central question of the debate of Australia’s constitutional future: the debate between remaining a monarchy and becoming a republic. Should we value tradition, with the stability it offers, and accept the hierarchy, religiosity and the stagnation of our national culture that come with […]

10 August 2015
For and Against / Masturbation

For: Kitty Chrystal In this article, and just generally in life, I’m of the pro-mazz stance. I consider it a healthy aspect of my sexual practice, something that has helped shape my understanding of my own sexuality; something I do alone and sometimes something I do with a partner. It makes me feel good and […]

19 May 2015
for and against / Beyoncé

Queen Bey. Yay or nay? You decide. Laura Foo and Harvey Duckett battle it off.

3 March 2015
for and against / dogs

Yay or nay for dogs? You decide. Jakob von der Lippe and Gareth Cox-Martin battle it off in a for and against.

27 February 2015
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