The Best Announcements of E3 2018

This year, we were lucky enough to attend the world’s biggest gaming expo, E3, in Los Angeles. After several days of roaming the show floor and attending press conferences, we’ve summed up our favourite new announcements and demos on display at E3.

19 June 2018
I Love Age of Empires II

Kaavya Jha on the evolution of gaming and identifying as a “gamer”

28 May 2018
Sea of Thieves
Review: Sea of Thieves

Have you ever wanted to live out your Pirates of the Caribbean fantasies of sailing the high seas, sword fighting with skeletons and escorting treasure back to safety as you’re pursued by other pirates who are ready to climb aboard your ship?

6 April 2018
Philadelphia Fusion vs New York Excelsior
Review: The Overwatch League

The Blizzard Arena in Burbank is home to the Overwatch League (OWL), a professional esports competition that takes the American sports model and applies it to the first-person action game Overwatch, resulting in weekly matches between franchised teams that are broadcast all over the world.

4 April 2018
Robert Kraft by Asher Karahasan
Esports and the Mainstream

Robert Kraft loves sports. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he played football for the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Columbia University and has been a New England Patriots season ticket holder since 1971. Kraft doesn’t just love sports though—he’s also in the business of them.

2 March 2018