Hell is a Teenage Girl

The Trials of Adolescence: Ginger Snaps

content warning: mentions of suicide, gore and body horror. Spoilers for Ginger Snaps (2000).  “Out by 16 or dead in this scene, but together forever.” This is how we’re introduced to Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald in the film Ginger Snaps (2000). They’re on the precipice of adolescence, reminiscing on their childhood suicide pact. Both are […]

23 April 2021
Jennifer’s Body: Hell is a Teenage Girl

content warning: sexism, graphic violence and gore. Spoilers for Jennifer’s Body. Horror has always been a tool to explore girlhood and female virtue. But what Jennifer’s Body (2009) does differently—and so well—is show a teenage girl in her ultimate form: brutal, cringey, flawed, and most importantly, still a child. The script narrates the story of […]

5 March 2021