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How To: Spice Up Your iPhone

As uni students, we are all guilty of using social media for procrastination and scrolling through our news feeds to avoid listening to the monotone drone of lecturers. Another way to avoid life’s responsibilities is by trying out different apps. No, I’m not going to tell you to download my.unimelb – you can’t even check […]

9 August 2017
How To: Exploit the Uni for All It’s Worth

Does anyone else pay their SSAF at the start of the year and completely forget to take advantage of the free goodies provided by the university?

5 July 2017
How To Deck Out Your Uni Pad For Free

Have you, like me, been staring longingly at aesthetic loft and bedroom pictures on Instagram and Tumblr? Have you wished for unlimited funds to afford an Ikea shopping spree when realistically, you are wondering if you can even afford a bed frame? The costs associated with having a nice home – or fully functioning appliances […]

18 May 2017
How To: Friend That Fur Baby

Most of us, at some stage or another, are guilty of being desperate for a pet’s attention. Whether that be your best friend’s fluffy feline or a stranger’s pooch you see whilst strolling down the street, there is a strong satisfaction gained from patting a furry friend and having them reciprocating your affection. As a […]

20 February 2017