International Students

Culture Shock

How international students navigate their new identities.

16 October 2017
Lodging Complaints

Although the 2018 QS benchmark places Melbourne as the fifth best city globally for international students to study, it appears that there are some students and advocacy groups who would disagree.

22 September 2017
Racist Posters Target Chinese Students

Numerous racist posters were found around the University this morning threatening Chinese students with deportation if they enter campus buildings.

24 July 2017
Full House

A new student accommodation facility will be built by the University of Melbourne in partnership with student housing operator UniLodge, a company whose housing facilties students have described as overpriced and unsanitary.

7 July 2017
BS at the MBS?

Students from the Master of Management (Marketing) at the Melbourne Business School (MBS) are questioning whether their course is worth the cost.

7 June 2017
International Students in Limbo

Uncertainty over tuition fees could become a financial burden on the University of Melbourne’s full-fee paying international students, with graduate students facing a potential 10 per cent increase per annum, says the student union’s president. UMSU President Rachel Withers told Farrago that as universities face financial uncertainty due to cuts in Government funding, a 10 […]

20 March 2015