Review: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Chinese New Year Concert [Rescheduled, 13th of March 2021]

It was a beautiful Melbourne evening (read: raining and cold), when a friend and I, armed with a picnic blanket and my slightly broken umbrella, squelched along the grass to the always iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  Walking amongst the little metal scaffolds, we looked for our seats but were unable to find them. We […]

20 March 2021
Review: “Rock This Bitch!” Ben Folds with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Self-deprecating, sarcastic and slightly crass Ben Folds would not be my first pick to headline an orchestra tour. His navy suit clashed with the blacks of the orchestra. His body moved almost violently with the notes he played, sharply different from their more disciplined movements. It was perfect. Over the past decade, Folds has displayed […]

14 February 2021