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Review: Hiatus Kaiyote and Harvey Sutherland at Zoo Twilights

The story so far lies with me having first listened to Hiatus Kaiyote when my mate, Ariana, dyed my hair blue and put on ‘Nakamarra’, up to this weekend, when I went with Ariana together to see the neo-soul band play their biggest ever, headline, sold-out show.

7 March 2018
Review: The National at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

The first day of March—a cloudy, windy day, perfect for the occasion, brings the National and thousands of fans to Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Review: Car Seat Headrest at the Croxton Bandroom

Car Seat Headrest’s first song of the night is not a Car Seat Headrest song. In fact, Will Toledo—often described as the band’s ‘creative centre’—does not appear until the song is almost over. There are seven people on stage by that point: all four Car Seat Headrest members, plus the associated Seattle act Naked Giants, who, together, give the night one hell of a punch. “Who the fuck are you?” asks Naked Giants’ Gianni Aiello, when Toledo finally takes up his frontman mantle for ‘The Drum’ (Teens Of Style).

6 March 2018
Grampians Music Festival by Chloe Waddell
Review: Grampians Music Festival

Taking place in a paddock, with kangaroos bounding around the fence and kookaburras and cockatoos circling above, Grampians Music Festival is like no other, writes Chloe Waddell.

26 February 2018
Frank Ocean, Fringes and Cringes by Morgan-Lee Snell
Frank Ocean, Fringes and Cringes

Kaavya Jha reflecting on the artist’s portrayal of superficiality

23 February 2018
‘Real death’: Mount Eerie at the Melbourne Recital Centre

At the end of ‘Tintin in Tibet’, Phil thanks the crowd, and walks off, leaving an empty stage backed by fairy lights. There is no encore. The lights come up before I can wipe the tears from my face. The audience, a mix of young and old, files out, muted, into the summer night.

30 January 2018
King Krule: An Emotional Ooze

Peering into the mind of a rising rock star, Marshall dissects the repressed layers hidden within the mind, exploring subconscious processes which ultimately shape us as human beings. Adopting an array of aliases throughout his career including ‘Zoo Kid’, ‘King Krule’, ‘Edgar the Beatmaker’, and even under his own name, Marshall is clearly an enigmatic […]

12 November 2017
Sad Content

On Tuesday, my sister Sarah came home in a state. Her face was all red and she had been crying. She told me that on the freeway home her radio stopped working and had started looping the first track of Carrie & Lowell, the 2015 album from Sufjan Stevens.

10 October 2017
Gender is Burning: A History of Women in Electronic Music

“Dance music needs riot grrrls. Dance music needs Patti Smith . . . Dance music needs cranky queers and people who are tired of this shit. Dance music needs writers and critics and academics and historians. Dance music needs poor people and people who don’t have the right shoes to get into the club . […]

18 September 2017
Governing Melbourne’s Soundtrack

On Melbourne’s Bourke Street, an elderly Japanese man in a two-piece tuxedo drips with sweat as he reaches the virtuosic crescendo of his violin concerto.

18 July 2017
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