Review: KNOWER @ 170 Russell

KNOWER is a duo from LA made up of drummer and producer Louis Cole and vocalist Genevieve Artadi.

8 June 2018
Review: Iron & Wine at the Melbourne Recital Centre

Iron & Wine come out into a concert hall filled with pensioners, arts administrators wearing Gorman and people who just really love the Recital Centre. I’m not saying it’s not beautiful, just that my mum and I (sitting in our separate rows) are more used to mud and folk festivals than this. But I guess that’s what you get being one of the biggest folkie, Bible Belt stars in the world—playing twice in one night.

1 June 2018
Review: Ocean Alley

The entire audience recites the words “It’s all about confidence baby” in response to the warbling guitars and gave the band a deserved rapturous applause, with the song’s ending.

23 May 2018
Lady Powers Of Groovin The Moo

Vera Blue closed her set with her powerful track, ‘Lady Powers’, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting song.

8 May 2018
Grease: The Arena Experience
Review: Grease: The Arena Experience

It’s raining outside. Stormy even. And, far in the distance, you can almost hear the faint chanting of “Grease lightning”.

17 April 2018
Review: BØRNS at Howler

In the inevitable encore, BØRNS apologises for his bad manners. “I’m sorry. I didn’t wish you sweet dreams…” And promptly launches into Sweet Dreams. I buy a t-shirt. Sweet Dreams Tour 2018.

9 April 2018
Review: Seu Jorge—A Tribute to David Bowie

Not often is the spirit of a legendary performer so clearly present in the inevitable tribute concerts they inspire. But Seu Jorge’s ‘Life Aquatic—a Tribute to David Bowie’ is more than a tribute concert; it’s a transcendent, dreamy homage to Bowie’s genius.

5 April 2018
Review: Lennon—Through a Glass Onion

There were no wigs, no glasses, and no beard. John R. Waters gave the audience an impeccable performance. He performed John Lennon’s classics while telling us a deeply felt reflection of the man without it leaning too much towards an impersonation of Lennon.

29 March 2018
Review: Download Festival

Korn. As headliners, it came as no surprise that the front stage was insanely packed. Thousands of Korn fans know the drill for ‘Y’all Want a Single’. They sticked up their middle fingers and harshly screamed: “FUCK THAT”.

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