Vegie Patch Shutdown

Union House’s popular sandwich store ‘Vegie Patch’, amongst other stores, has closed down over the summer to the disappointment of many students.

3 April 2019
See Ya Later Duldig

Paul Duldig has left his position as the Head of University Services, which he had held since 2014.


University students supported by Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) will start paying back their loans earlier than before.

4 March 2019
The Co-op Stand-off

Inside the Co-op Bookshop’s AGM

15 May 2017
Cadmus, Again

Cadmus, a Google Docs style software designed to target plagiarism, is undergoing further trials at the University of Melbourne this semester.

Bad Banks

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) Environment Department has raised concern over club funds being invested in banks tied to the fossil fuel industry.

Below The Line

Students from a number of Masters degrees at the University of Melbourne are ineligible for financial support through Centrelink, adding to the financial distress faced by many university students.

Does the government actually care about mental health?

What the reforms to the health sector and Centrelink system mean.

11 May 2017
What does the 2017 budget mean for housing affordability?

Will this year’s budget help young people crack into the housing market?

10 May 2017
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