Give us a fair go, Fairfax

How can journalism continue to hold a place in our democracy if some of our biggest media employers continue to cut jobs?

3 May 2017
University of Melbourne students seek justice for refugees

50 students from the University of Melbourne joined thousands of people at the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees rally yesterday afternoon.

10 April 2017
Students and board members stand off at Co-op AGM

Footage obtained by Farrago shows students demanding answers from National Secretary Talal Yassine.

5 April 2017
Anne Aly fails to declare directorship of Co-op Bookshop

Her former directorship of the bookshop could put her in hot water. Students are set to ambush the Annual General Meeting of the bookshop today.

31 March 2017
Burnt out

“These students will be discriminated against because of their circumstances.”

30 March 2017
A national day of factions

On the effectiveness of a national day of student protests.

Overworked and underpaid

The exploitation of student workers could be rife in Union House.

Empty rhetoric

Indigenous staff members were surprised to find that references to Indigenous employment targets have been removed from a proposed new version of a staff agreement.


Data indicating the University’s performance in the first nationwide survey on sexual assault on campus may never be released.

CONTENT WARNING: Mention of sexual assault.

Student protestors demand greater funding to higher education

Hundreds of Melbourne students have gathered on the steps of the State Library of Victoria on 22 March to take part in the National Student Protests against cuts to higher education.

22 March 2017
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