NUS-capades: VCESS, Banks and the 2017 UMSU Budget

A motion to increase the University of Melbourne’s Student Union’s (UMSU’s) funding to the National Union of Students (NUS) has failed during today’s glacially paced, three-hour-long Students’ Council meeting.

7 December 2016
Delegating Democracy: NUS NatCon Day Three

“Student Unity you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide!” It would be easy to find someone on the floor who’d say the NUS National Conference this year was a success — hell, most speakers proclaimed as much at some point. However, it would be just as simple to find someone who’d argue the opposite. Day Three […]

13 December 2015
The Effectiveness of Policy? NatCon Day Two Recap

“Protectionist economics is archaic — long live the free market!” It was a very slow morning on the Tuesday of NatCon. Conference did not even begin until 3pm in the afternoon — and sure enough, that led on tp a very long night. If you haven’t caught up with the most recent dealings, why not? You can follow […]

9 December 2015
NUS NatCon Day 1 Recap

“What kind of animal wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves ‘I think I’ll join the Young Libs today’?” These were the words muttered by a member of the Grassroots Left in front of me while I waited to receive my room key. Students nationwide gather at Monash University Clayton this week to […]

8 December 2015
Letter to the Editor: Filming at NATCON

This letter is in response to the Farrago Editorial: Transparency and Accountability in Student Organisations As someone who has actually attended the National Union of Students’ National Conference, I know that it’s a lot more than just the “political push and pull” most people outside of the organisation like to dismiss it as. NatCon is a place […]

7 December 2015
NUS NatCon Liveblog

Hello, this is a liveblog for the National Union of Students’ National Conference. You can also follow live updates at @farragomagazine.

EDITORIAL: Transparency and Accountability in Student Organisations

You are accountable to the students who fund you, let them see why they should.

4 December 2015
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