Grainger Things

Despite being initially called the ‘Grainger Museum and Music Museum’, it really only shines light upon Grainger himself.

19 March 2018
“Neo-Nazis” Escorted Off Campus on First Day of 2018

Content warning: racism, anti-semitism, homophobia

BREAKING: Two men have been escorted off Parkville campus for allegedly harassing students and handing out flyers saying “it’s okay to be white” at the Baillieu Library.

26 February 2018
Metro Madness: What to Expect as Parkville Station Works Commence in 2018

Major works on the new Parkville Station are scheduled to commence in February, necessitating the closure of Grattan Street for up to five years. University of Melbourne students travelling to and from campus may face transport disruptions and pedestrian delays as works commence on the $11 billion Metro Tunnel project. “Inevitably, construction will affect us […]

14 February 2018
Space for Study

The construction of a new student precinct, beginning this year, has triggered discussions regarding the future of study spaces on campus. A University spokesperson confirmed that several surveys of the student body were held in late 2017, with the results clearly indicating that this issue is of high priority. “To date more than 5,000 students […]

Student Bar to Officially Open as ‘The Ida’

The student bar in Union House will officially open in orientation week as ‘The Ida’, in homage to the University’s first women’s room.

30 January 2018
Racist Posters Target Chinese Students

Numerous racist posters were found around the University this morning threatening Chinese students with deportation if they enter campus buildings.

24 July 2017
The New Quad

The University of Melbourne has announced a restoration project for the Old Quadrangle, as part of its ongoing ‘Growing Esteem’ campaign.

13 July 2017
Full House

A new student accommodation facility will be built by the University of Melbourne in partnership with student housing operator UniLodge, a company whose housing facilties students have described as overpriced and unsanitary.

7 July 2017
Swerf to Avoid

CONTENT WARNINGS: transphobia, sex work discrimination and slurs

7 June 2017
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