When the quarter moon sets,                                       Something is perhaps known, or even                              a line descends                                                    revealed in the moonlight, between him and him, them and them, her and her                                                                                                        yet, and yet it breaks, in some shape and form, it is lost a little           just a little              […]

26 August 2020

Picture my mouth as a zipper, one that you open and close whenever you like.  If I talk too much you slide that cold metal across my lips and force me to be silent if I talk too little you push words inside my wet cave of a mouth.  I rip the zipper from my […]

鱼 (You)

Two boats cast their fishing nets, I am the mermaid caught in the middle, 来回,来回, they both compete.  They reach for spears when they realise 美人鱼不是那么好抓的. And isn’t it better to kill, Than have a creature of two worlds?  The waves offer me up treacherously, 风一样毫不留情, I’m sushi ready to be served, 在金色的玉碗里. 当你们 scraped […]


Durian,  Much loved, yet maligned fruit Your spiky, intimidating appearance masks something hidden, enticingly forbidden, tempting us to indulge our lips inside your unknown landscape of custardy flesh And like a mole working its deception, you take everyone unawares when you are exposed Your musky, exotic aroma is mysterious Nefarious even So when your presence is […]

In the Wall

crag lines run ripple across creased walls an eye formed long sight caught through time rockets and tanks fear, and a lifetime all seen through a single crag in the wall

Eternity and Time

I The moon in a tea cosy     twinkles at half mast our bones and eyes     a sprinkle of stardust on the canvas of time She dances from swell to swell     swaying from the rigging  A tinkling of the whales’ windchimes                                                                                                               The blue water of dawn filled the room.   II Lost ideas and blank […]

missing (a found poem)

content warning: child abuse, death, kidnapping, abduction and violence. a pink Barbie book bag buried in a public park lipstick marks on a pimpled face denim pants and a scar on her knee picking peaches from a neighbour’s tree cherries on her left shoulder blade long ponytails in spring clowns in the rear window deep-set […]

A Buddhist Funeral on Reunion Day

CW: death There’s nothing in that area, you warned me too late, after I alighted into a cartography of auto-workshops, flat stretches of old grass; the shadowy hull of Eunoia Junior College. Once humming with gasoline, the asphalt lies as if dead no pink flags rumbling in the distance, no trucks ferrying the din of […]


CW: coercive relationships, implied dysphoria and implied transphobia Say we’re sat cross-legged, however many of us, arms twined watching Lizzie McGuire re-runs where she has her first kiss on our Switch, her heart broken when Ronnie says later–we all repeat– We need to talk, in different voices. You are impersonating Ronnie deliciously: the small fry […]

Second to Last

i. you only know you’re successful when you have rocks in your mouth when your mouth is where your chest was now tectonic-plated, clashing the right-brained and the left-handed so a new mountain was raised of a molehill mind— to brave teacup-storms with, to balance coffee on,   you don’t open your mouth for fear […]

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