Night of the Beast

Have you heard about the Night of the Beast? It’s the day those creatures we cared for, creatures we treasure, and the creatures we hunted come back to our world. Clothed in the skin of the underworld, fit for a hot summer evening, they march down the streets, their legs returning them to homes where the memories of them subsist.

21 May 2018

skin eXXXposed
while the sun
is sweating

Judge’s 7+7

strange land where meat regrets the eater &
it’s a rare strength indeed
ain’t sweetened by a drop of honey


The first time I came out of myself it was not how they had described.
A hum under the surface, weighted and distant.


I’m entranced by lighting stores
imagining our kitchen
and lounge
and how it would feel when one day
you were home.


Holding doors open for
people, hoping they’ll open too
and embrace her,
Talk to her, thank her.

A Kiss

I haven’t been kissed in so long.
When everyone is tucked
between bedsheets stuffed with
love and honeycomb (because

writing in vain

the telly has given its verdict:
the world is too big to be contained in its chest
and it cannot find a colour for its own blood
so what else but spirited away?


A car alarm breaks the stillness.
You roll onto your side and mutter something empty,
the breeze carries flutes from Bacchic hills
through the sometimes portal of your curtains,
five bells toll in some distant church
and the future, my love, can wait another day.

Christmas Eve

The dog loves it!
She finds bottles full of human urine
or a half-full coke can
and tears off over the horizon only to return
sticky and licking her stained lips.

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