a crown a card and the gift of the gab
get you scarce anywhere since days grow short

11 September 2018
Canterbury Road

Each day I am the gentle road’s uninvited guest.
I give the dirt off the bottom of my shoes in thanks,
And my host lends me its spine to walk.

16 August 2018
I am now here

I am nowhere tiny twitching suns
the air

The Night Train: Recipe for Sleeping in Motion

Thoroughly stir ingredients in a bowl of spare time at the station,
Saving the addition of reactive liquids until after departure.


like a pearl-shaped ship on an inky sea
she glides imperceptibly, making headway
without want of lighthouse, for no beacon

utmost virtue

name winds more surely than children
or virtues of the land
and sea

by accident, unasked for and foreign policy

the sky is your enemy’s
napkin, stitched together
by your forgiveness

15 August 2018

A whisper of a life on a different sea.
Sunken are the relics of who I’m supposed to be.
Displaced wounds and fragmented scrawl.
I grew up too fast and not at all.

17 July 2018
A Lifelong Commitment to Self-Efficacy

My blood came out orange
and I wasn’t scared and it didn’t hurt
so why was the teacher on yard duty telling me it was all going
to be

banksia embrace

But I could do it, you know?
Take the banksia in my hands and
vase it, for the chance
of sucking honey from the world
as we bow to one another.

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