The Monster Myth

There’s a monster I’ve heard of
over the years
that appears in the place of corporeal men.

11 September 2018
The Mapless Voyage

Through cradle and gravel,
A truth to tell;
Mortal is lost,
Till last bell.

You didn’t answer my question though and Kick Ons

You didn’t answer my question though     For my sins I live in Melbourne Where love is For all but Only A suggestion. Will These Failures   grow Meaning through repetition   ?   I keep seeing your face-painted concern, when I Spill my drink almost falling between your   Mismatched chairs.     […]


The light stains the tops of buildings
gold fish orange

Baillieu 24-Hour Study Zone

notebook coffee fingers flicker
ballpoint scribble absent liquor
comrades vanish doonas beckon


a crown a card and the gift of the gab
get you scarce anywhere since days grow short

trying to sleep

if a bear shits in the woods and no-one is around to hear it, then does a bear shit in the woods?
whatever the hell

1 September 2018
Canterbury Road

Each day I am the gentle road’s uninvited guest.
I give the dirt off the bottom of my shoes in thanks,
And my host lends me its spine to walk.

16 August 2018
I am now here

I am nowhere tiny twitching suns
the air

The Night Train: Recipe for Sleeping in Motion

Thoroughly stir ingredients in a bowl of spare time at the station,
Saving the addition of reactive liquids until after departure.

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