Strange little boy

they call you

  Strange, little boy.

24 March 2020
Cooking Words

Unwrapping the tinfoil, Oops, the intonation of a sentence / is overcooked; the content of a sentence is / meaningless.

3 December 2019

I don’t mind if it is an acorn, a plum, or a baobab fruit. / They are all fruits.

R ‘n’ R

Allow that which does not belong / in your heart to find / its way out.

The Open Night

You, this forgotten shadow, / That rests in a flowering memory / Is the kiss of root and berry.


Your fungus / begins to / age inside / its new / porcelain cage.

28 November 2019

when someone asks / what I want to be when I grow up / I respond / a dog.

She will never forget

She was a woman who made the best of her circumstances and ensured no one else should ever face the same tribulations her fourteen-year-old self did.

8 October 2019

i would ask you things / and you would only look / upon me / and spit on me softly

Floating Waste

the salty sea breeze blows / McDonalds™ wrappers swirl / infants scramble / some nestle in the bin liner / others look for scraps

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