pomegranate streetwalker

I’m seven 
pushing my bike down the lane 
the crunchy gravel sounds delicious

24 March 2020
Strange little boy

they call you

  Strange, little boy.

Cooking Words

Unwrapping the tinfoil, Oops, the intonation of a sentence / is overcooked; the content of a sentence is / meaningless.

3 December 2019

I don’t mind if it is an acorn, a plum, or a baobab fruit. / They are all fruits.

R ‘n’ R

Allow that which does not belong / in your heart to find / its way out.

The Open Night

You, this forgotten shadow, / That rests in a flowering memory / Is the kiss of root and berry.


Your fungus / begins to / age inside / its new / porcelain cage.

28 November 2019

when someone asks / what I want to be when I grow up / I respond / a dog.

She will never forget

She was a woman who made the best of her circumstances and ensured no one else should ever face the same tribulations her fourteen-year-old self did.

8 October 2019

i would ask you things / and you would only look / upon me / and spit on me softly

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