Academics and Students Show Solidarity With Refugees

Hundreds of academics and students joined the national protest at the University of Melbourne to call for the end of offshore detention and the inhumane treatments and offshore detention of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru.

18 October 2018
The Welfare State Is Homophobic

Queers are outraged about the proposed regulation of poppers—and the restriction of its recreational use. And rightly so. The arguments against these regulations are convincing—it’s your body and your choice to ingest whatever substance you like. But every new prohibition on social behaviours comes from somewhere and we should ask what made regulating poppers possible in the first place, to properly critique these immoral policies.

14 September 2018
Bad News

CONTENT WARNING: EUGENICS, HOMOPHOBIA, TERRORISM The world didn’t end in 2012, but sometimes it feels like we would be better-off if it had. Two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef are bleached due to climate change—and the Adani coalmine may soon be its neighbour. The president of the world’s most powerful country has sexually assaulted numerous […]

9 August 2018
We Know What You’re All About

Here’s the wrong way to govern: listen to what the wealthy and powerful want, then work backwards to an argument for why it’s good for ordinary people. Here’s the right way to govern: don’t worry about what the power-brokers want. It’s usually bad for the rest of us. Just listen to what ordinary people need, […]

Why The Planet Needs You To Get Rowdy

Katie Doherty on our political obligation to be rude

8 August 2018
#NotMyPresident Posters On Campus Protest China

Posters protesting against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent abolition of the term limit were found around campus at the University of Melbourne.

16 July 2018
University Agrees to Meeting with Student Activists About Lockheed Martin

From 7:30am on Wednesday, 11 July, students from the campus-based activist group Lockout Lockheed chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels to prevent staff, including Chancellery, the top tier leadership of the University, from entering their offices in Raymond Priestley.

13 July 2018
Locked Out of a Lock-Up

The second consecutive year of student media being prohibited from the federal budget media lock-up has brought incredulous disbelief from student journalists and the shadow government, as well as criticism from the mainstream media.

7 May 2018
Melbourne Lord Mayoral By-Election Youth Forum Liveblog

Hello and welcome to Farrago’s liveblog of the Melbourne lord mayoral by-election youth forum.

Open Letter: The Government Has Blocked All Student Media From Accessing The Budget Lock-Up

That’s why we are signing this open letter: after a year of sustained attempts to change higher education policy, we at least deserve the respect to be able to examine the government’s policy suggestions.

11 April 2018
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