Federal Election Wrap-Up

The democracy sausages have been sizzled and the votes have been cast, the polls reflected the perceived hopes of the nation and the Coalition roundly smashed these to the ground. Scott Morrison has done the unthinkable, after the disastrous LibSpill of 2018 he has recaptured the support of many Australians to become Prime Minister, once again, although this time through the decision of ordinary voters around the country.

20 June 2019
Change the Rules

On April 10, approximately 100,000 people took to the streets of Melbourne to protest against the Morrison government in a Change the Rules rally. The rally was organised by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

17 June 2019
WATCH: Federal Election Live Coverage

Watch our live coverage here on Facebook. Executive Producer: Stephanie Zhang Technical Manager: Jesse Paris-Jourdan Results Announcers: Alison Ford, Jasper MacCuspie Hosts: Kaavya Jha, Annie Jiang, Alain Nguyen Student Panelists: Mark Yin, Lucy Williams, Allen Xiao, Jesse Gardner Russell Party Panelists: Ailish Hallinan (Greens), Joshua Munro (Labor), Jack Sharkey (Reason), Zachary August (Liberal) Data: Ed […]

6 June 2019
Looking past the propaganda: the candidates of Kooyong

If this traditionally safe electorate were to become marginal or flip, it would be a major upset for the Coalition government. As unlikely as this scenario may seem, a recent poll conducted by Environmental Research+Counsel suggests that the Green’s Julian Burnside is closing in on Victoria’s highest ranking Liberal.

15 May 2019
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