Review: Colder at Red Stitch Actors Theatre

Overall, through its rhythmic interweaving of narratives, Colder creates an experience that is haunting and thought-provoking. The production goes beyond simply exploring what happens when a person goes missing; it explores the tensions that can lie dormant beneath the surface of any relationship. If you are looking for a challenging production that plays with language and leaves you pondering as you walk away from the theatre, this one’s for you.

19 March 2018
Review: The Daily Edited—Tips for Succeeding in the Fashion Business at VAMFF

Discussing digital and brand strategy could have been dry, but Rice and Tran managed to make the topic fresh, and an experience that spoke of the impact women can have in the fashion industry, while building and lifting up future generations of fashion lovers.

Review: My First Time at The Butterfly Club

Ending on a more serious note regarding the importance of sex education, My First Time handles an intimate topic with refreshing candidness and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour. Maybe be a bit careful about who you take with you to see this one, (hint: not your grandmother), but if you’re looking for a guaranteed laugh, My First Time is a uniquely interactive and energetic production sure to set the tone for a fantastic night.

16 March 2018
Review: The Sound of Falling Stars at the Arts Centre

The Sound of Falling Stars brings back memories of the American stars of the post-World War Two era through a few great role-playing scenes by Cameron Goodall and the two playful musicians, George Butrumlis and Enio Pozzebon.

13 March 2018
Review: The Endless

Whilst promising Lovecraftian horror, artful suspense, UFO cults, and people who appear to not have aged since the 1970s, The Endless is a painful let-down for the lover of smart, indie horror films. All five user reviews on IMDB for The Endless are positive, hailing it as “a rather amazing film” or “a defining film of 2017”—however, I disagree. This film has badly-written dialogue and should be punished accordingly.

Review: Fashion Talk 3, Shopping with the Future Generation at VAMFF

This begs the age-old question: can men really accurately create a completely expressive space for women through fashion? It was acknowledged numerous times, the irony of celebrating men in women’s fashion, during the week of International Women’s Day – and we can look back and see some of the world’s best interpreters of women’s dressing have been men: Versace, Gucci, and more recently, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain.

12 March 2018
Review: National Graduate Showcase at VAMFF

Just like the other graduate designer Xiangqiao Sheng said, “Fashion is the art of living beyond living.”

Review: True Rad Girl Runway Review at VAMFF

I want to give props to the Silent Arrow team, as the provocative models were beautifully chosen. As an Asian myself, it’s affirming to watch how diversity is valued as we see People of Colour being selected as a runway model. But not only that, people of all body sizes, skin colours and ages walked down the catwalk. The most mouth-opening of all—a pregnant lady, gorgeously strutting it down the laneway, with the whole crowd cheering in general appreciation. Five words; not your average fashion show.

Review: Comedy Kichidi with Jagdish Chaturvedi

Kichidi is an Indian comfort food made from rice and lentils along with an assorted mix of vegetables and spices adding flavour to an otherwise bland dish. Much like the dish Kichidi, Bangalore native Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi (yes, he’s a doctor) speaks of mundane things about the Indian experience with his own assortment of flavours to these experiences. And did I mention he’s a doctor?

Review: King Krule at The Croxton Bandroom, Thornbury

My eardrums were first graced by the visceral voice of Archy Marshall, AKA King Krule amongst other names, in 2013. His breakthrough album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon had just been released. My friend Max played ‘Baby Blue’ for me using his phone 3G at midnight, while we lay alone next to a public pool in Darwin. Fitting, considering the forlorn, wateriness of the record.

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