Flushed Away
Mary Ntalianis

Whether you’re a freshly minted first year or in the depths of a PhD, the University of Melbourne’s toilets are spaces where students are able to release their tears, as well as their bowels. The assortment of toilets at the University’s various campuses ensure that wherever you are, the comfort of a cubicle is never […]

30 March 2017
Review: Men
Danielle Bagnato

I picked up Men because the blurb proclaimed it to be an exploration of ‘female desire’. I was expecting irony. I was disappointed.

9 May 2016
Review: The Argonauts
Danielle Bagnato

The Argonauts details her experiences of being a step-parent, giving birth and sharing with her partner in their grief after their mother’s death.

4 May 2016
Review: Sam Garlepp
Danielle Bagnato

He carried on speaking a thousand words a minute, jumping between stories, dropping puns and dancing to Taylor Sw

13 April 2016
Review: Paul Foot
Danielle Bagnato

The audience begins a descent into the mind of a comic genius. Or a total lunatic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Review: Tripod
Danielle Bagnato

After twenty years, Tripod has lost absolutely zero momentum.

12 April 2016
Review: Charlie Pickering
Danielle Bagnato

His parody news bulletin, highlighting the strangeness of something we all take for granted, was spot on in the most cutting of ways.

11 April 2016
Review: Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar
Danielle Bagnato

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely had fun, but an hour at this Dive Bar isn’t something I’d recommend to everyone.

10 April 2016
Review: Dave Hughes
Danielle Bagnato

Dave himself, seems to be surprised he’s on stage and performs as thought this is a dream.

Review: Steve Hughes
Danielle Bagnato

Hughes expertly jumps between heartwarming sincerity and the blackest, self-deprecating humour you’ve heard.

8 April 2016
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