Budget Cuts: Stop 1 To Be Replaced by ‘Unimelb Love Letters’

Following recent budget cuts, the University of Melbourne has decided to axe Stop 1, choosing to replace the student services resource with the ‘Unimelb Love Letters’ Facebook page.

7 May 2019
New study reveals South Lawn is the optimal spot for making out in front of everyone

A major new study conducted by the Victorian Institute of Geography and Impetuous Osculation (VIGIO) has found that South Lawn prevails as the finest location on campus for couples wanting to flaunt their amatory success in plain view of an abundance of loners.

Is My Tutor Flirting with Me or Does He Just Want Me To Do the SES?

It’s the age old, end-of-semester question: is your cute tutor from PSYC20006 vying for your affections before you move onto PSYC30013 and split ways forever, or is he just trying to get you to complete the Student Experience Survey?

12 March 2019
Caucasian Student “Gets How Racism Feels Now” After Experience as Minority in ECON10004

As excited as he was to embark on his Microeconomics breadth, Connor White, 18, has not found it easy to fit in.

A Bunch of Reviews

Farrago is ecstatic to announce that we will be publishing a novel for the first time this summer. The Catastrophic Fantasy by Kangli Hu comes out on 26 December. Get your advance copy today for just $99.99. Take a look at what people are saying below!

21 November 2018
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