Plastic Poop

There’s no denying that the Baby Born dolls were a childhood gem for us ‘90s kids. Maybe you or your sister had one at some point. Or you can remember hearing the jingle during Cheez TV ad breaks. Perhaps you even have memories of seeing a fellow kid at Toyworld screaming for their parent to […]

11 May 2017

Ah, astrology. The Earth spins, the planets shift and darkened skies tell me that today, a friendship could develop into something more. Regardless of whether you’ve ever cared about horoscopes, you’re almost certainly aware of your star sign and quite possibly know the personality traits it has lumped you with. You can’t help it if […]

Review: Cure

Jo Marchant’s rigorous exploration of the science (and pseudo-science) behind the mind’s ability to heal the body.

1 February 2016
Science Lab: The Stanford Science Experiment

Grab a few friends and witness the breakdown of social niceties based on arbitrary allocations to opposing groups.

19 August 2015
Your Brain and Hot Drinks

Among other things, holding a hot drink increases the likelihood that you will judge strangers to be more welcoming and trustworthy.

12 August 2015
Science Lab / Recipe for an Existential Crisis: The Rubber Hand Illusion

In this experiment, learn to amaze your friends and lead them to the crushing realization that their self-image isn’t as stable as they probably assumed. Method: Step One: Sit your friend at the table and instruct them to place their hands onto the surface. They can be palms-up or palms-down. Step Two: Obscure their view […]

Drawn to Science / The Spiny Leaf Insect

The ‘Fearsome’ Spiny Leaf Insect When PhD student Yasaman Alavi first saw a spiny leaf insect, it was not exactly love at first sight. “To be honest, I was a bit sceptical of working with them,” she says. “I had never seen insects that big.” Spiny leaf insects (Extatosoma tiaratum) are large and a little […]

The Invisible Issue

One in six Australians have hearing loss. By 2050, it will be one in four.

Nobel Women

Can you name a living scientist? What about a living, female scientist? What about a living, female scientist who has won a Nobel prize?

Think Different

As technology becomes more intertwined with our experience of the world and reality, we really must consider whether this evolution is such a good thing.

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