Secret Spaces

Secret Spaces: The George Paton Gallery

“There’s no gallery on the Parkville campus!” This was me in 2017. Unfortunately, I hear my sentiments echoed across the campus. There is, in fact, a gallery on campus – a rather important gallery. The George Paton Gallery (GPG) Founded in 1971 as the Ewing and George Paton Gallery, GPG is located on level 2 of […]

31 August 2020
Secret Spaces: A Review of From Heart + Mind at the Dax Centre

CW: mental illness, psychological and physical trauma.  In challenging and uncertain times, art is a creative medium for staying on top of mental health and coming to terms with isolation and identity.  This connection between art and mental health is the focus of From Heart + Mind, an exhibition which showed at the Dax Centre […]

26 August 2020