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Inside the community that calls themselves ‘the scene’

If you’ve ever illegally downloaded a film, television program or video game, there’s a good chance you’ll have ended up with something from ‘the scene’. Intentionally vague and mysterious, the scene is a group of people who make a sport out getting the latest episode of Game of Thrones online, cracking the new Call of Duty, or getting the best quality encode of Baby Driver; kind of like fox-hunting but, arguably, more ethical.

13 September 2017
Inside 4Chan’s Random Forum

Once one of the internet’s most popular imageboards and a place loathed and feared in equal measure, 4Chan’s random forum (known to its denizens as /b/), is now a husk. The forum was once a vibrant place, partially due to an absence of rules or moderation (child pornography was the only taboo). News outlets would report on the forum’s misadventures – although generally misunderstanding them or misattributing their actions to ‘the hacking group known as anonymous’. 

22 August 2017
Inside the Wikipedia Community

I’d always viewed Wikipedia as a bit like the pyramids: a mostly unexplained monument of mankind and something that’s just there, drawing in millions of visitors. This status, as a contemporary wonder of the world, is curious at the least. Wikipedia hosts nearly 5.5 million articles in English and millions of articles in a host […]

7 June 2017
Inside the Leftypol Community

CONTENT WARNING: ABLEISM I first heard about leftypol (a ‘portmanteau’ of left & politics) a couple of years ago from a staunchly anarchist housemate.  Since then, although I’d known it was there, I’d never bothered to venture forth into that part of the internet. Part of this hesitancy stemmed from the fact that it is hosted […]

11 May 2017
The ShitRedditSays Community

CONTENT WARNINGS: SEXUAL ASSAULT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, They are one of the most hated communities on Reddit and, consequently, the internet. Whenever another Reddit community is banned, users cry out talking of double standards. What’s more, they are frequently compared to these banned communitiess, such as a forum to denigrate the overweight and a hub for […]

29 March 2017
The Incel Community

A thread titled ‘This is why you can’t get laid’ greets those venturing into the ‘incel’ (involuntarily celibate) community. It details the many shortcomings  individuals may have that make them unattractive to those they wish to bed –  in this case, almost always women. Such include “because you’re rude to people”, “you don’t want her […]

20 February 2017