The World Is Fucked

Part Eight: And I Feel Fine

“Why are you carrying a pigeon?”

23 November 2017
Part Seven: Land Down Under

You know that feeling when you wake up after a really hectic night?

22 September 2017
Part Six: It’s Lit, Fam

“What is that? A barbecue?”

8 September 2017
Part Five: Fifty Shades of Blue

I clung tightly to a Country Road bag full of onions, engaged in a fierce tug-of-war contest with the now crazed former Prime Minister.

18 July 2017
Part Four: Wake Me Up Before You Row, Ro

“Is that… is that Tony Abbott?”

7 June 2017
Part Three: Flower Power

Before I could reply there was some sort of battle cry and a horde of figures came running down the plains. They took advantage of our confusion and circled us, pointing sharpened sticks at our flesh.

11 May 2017
Part Two: Tinder Surprise

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a – lol jks it will end with us banging.

31 March 2017
Part One: The Sacking of YOMG

Canned soup, canned asparagus, canned spaghetti, canned – ohmygod tampons.

28 February 2017