Review: Hungry Ghosts at the MTC

The play is quite humorous, but overall, very sombre. It is marked by collective confusion and absurdism, and a general feeling of helplessness. I wouldn’t necessarily pick the play for the storyline, nor would I pick it for casual viewing. But it’s a fascinating work of deconstruction and left plenty of food for thought.

15 May 2018
Review: MUSC’s Plastic Shakespeare

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Shakespeare and Warhol, MUSC’s Plastic Shakespeare presents a continual pairing of elements that shouldn’t quite work together, but, nine times out of ten, they do, and it makes for beautiful, original theatre.

12 May 2018
Review: Jeremy and Lucas buy a Fucking House

It takes a while to digest everything you see here, especially if the mention of dicks takes a shot at your appetite. Oh and this show is sprinkled with mentions of anything dicks, metaphoric dicks, avocado dicks, dicks that have been in the elderly and what animals do with theirs. Before the show even started, a lucky audience member won a fitting raffle prize—a bag of dicks.

13 April 2018
Review: Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude

 The cast is also accommodating of their younger audience members when breaking the fourth wall and more unscripted moments. This was prominent during during one scene where Garfield slowly traverses the stage to hug his beloved teddy Pookie. At this time several members of the audience chatted about the show as well as having something to eat whilst the cast maintained the scene’s comic tension

12 April 2018
Review: NT Live–Julius Caesar

If you thought Shakespeare productions are all made up of just the same old boring ten-minute old-English monologues, then you are wrong, and Nicholas Hytner’s production of Julius Caesar can prove it. Broadcast live from the Bridge Theatre in London, director Hytner creates an immersive, interactive performance reminiscent of the short musical productions at Disneyland (bet you didn’t see that comparison coming).

9 April 2018
Review: From Here to Infirmity—Sue Ingleton’s Love Letter to Herself

Aggressive feminism, blow-up sex dolls and a ‘two Muslims hugging’ chair are all features that Ingleton wields as she challenges the audience to question societal tropes on topics like sexism in the modern day, domestic violence, voluntourism and religion. Ultimately, however, Ingleton’s crowning ability is to get a response from the audience so strong they question why they’re laughing, and then carry forth into her performance.

4 April 2018
Review: Colder at Red Stitch Actors Theatre

Overall, through its rhythmic interweaving of narratives, Colder creates an experience that is haunting and thought-provoking. The production goes beyond simply exploring what happens when a person goes missing; it explores the tensions that can lie dormant beneath the surface of any relationship. If you are looking for a challenging production that plays with language and leaves you pondering as you walk away from the theatre, this one’s for you.

19 March 2018
Review: My First Time at The Butterfly Club

Ending on a more serious note regarding the importance of sex education, My First Time handles an intimate topic with refreshing candidness and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour. Maybe be a bit careful about who you take with you to see this one, (hint: not your grandmother), but if you’re looking for a guaranteed laugh, My First Time is a uniquely interactive and energetic production sure to set the tone for a fantastic night.

16 March 2018
Morally Good Lesbian

Luke Macaronas speaks to Jean Tong about writing, upcoming works and her recent ascension to the Australian lesbian canon.

15 March 2018
Eddie Muliaumaseali'i & Johanna Allen - photo credit Jodie Hutchinson
Review: A Little Night Music at St Kilda’s National Theatre

A Little Night Music, playing at St Kilda’s National Theatre by Watch This!, navigates both romance and comedy with flair, producing a show befitting of the Tony Award-winning material—an achievement, considering its difficulty.

8 March 2018
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