Morally Good Lesbian

Luke Macaronas speaks to Jean Tong about writing, upcoming works and her recent ascension to the Australian lesbian canon.

15 March 2018
Eddie Muliaumaseali'i & Johanna Allen - photo credit Jodie Hutchinson
Review: A Little Night Music at St Kilda’s National Theatre

A Little Night Music, playing at St Kilda’s National Theatre by Watch This!, navigates both romance and comedy with flair, producing a show befitting of the Tony Award-winning material—an achievement, considering its difficulty.

8 March 2018
Review: The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect at La Mama

Although promoted as a “dramatic comedy about marriage, panic attacks, anti depressants, and not always getting what you want,” it soon becomes clear that Jeremy Perfect would be better described as a dramatic comedy about bad sex and uncomfortable living arrangements. The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect is playing at La Mama Courthouse Feb 28 – March 11.

2 March 2018
Review: AntigoneX

AntigoneX is an odd beast. Probably we should have anticipated this—the Midsumma Festival isn’t generally the place for traditional theatre. But queering a classic Greek play, through the lens of modern Australian politics, made for something deeply entertaining but also utterly baffling.

7 February 2018
Review: We Were There

I thought, fuck it, I’m going to Midsumma, so and the hair remained.

5 February 2018
Review of KillJoy: Destroy The Fantasy

On these stinking hot Melbourne nights, one may wander the streets in search of a salve for the sleepless hours ahead. On this particularly stifling January night, myself and an intimate group of salve-seekers gathered together to experience KillJoy: Destroy the Fantasy.

4 February 2018
Review: Romeo is Not the Only Fruit

It is a truth universally acknowledged that lesbians do not get a happy ending. At least, that’s how it would seem when regarding the dozens of dead women-loving-women that litter plot-lines throughout history. We never quite make it to the horse and carriage ride into the sunset. And boy, the last few months of politics […]

22 November 2017
Review: Mirror’s Edge

Right from the second I take my seat in the audience, I’m struck foremost by the stage upon which Mirror’s Edge will be performed.

9 August 2017
Review: A Dog Called Monkey

Some of the best works of art make you uncomfortable.

27 June 2017
Interview with the Creatives Behind ‘A Dog Called Monkey’

CONTENT NOTE: DISCUSSION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT When I step inside Tiamo, a popular Italian restaurant on Lygon street, I recognise Venus Notarberardino straight away, from the breathtaking promotional poster for A Dog Called Monkey floating around Facebook. Designed by Dylan Harris, the show’s publicity manager and AV designer, it accompanies a stunning trailer for the upcoming […]

19 June 2017
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