MORE! Politics

MORE! has become the new leading party for UMSU

4 October 2016
Explosive Innovation

Sheri Lohardjo explores the latest partnership between the University and a military defence company.

26 September 2016
MUSUL To Face Significant Changes and Staff Cuts

Substantial changes to MUSUL may include cuts to staffing and eventual closure.

22 September 2016
Christmas In July

Brace yourselves, the UMSU Winter Festival was here.

8 August 2016
BOOSUL Services

Martin Ditmann reports on the latest chapter of the MUSUL saga.

19 July 2016
The Queer Umbrella

Why is it called the ‘Queer’ Department?

UMSU SGM Results in Radical Change

The second Special General Meeting of the University of Melbourne Student Union for the semester brought forth significant structural changes to the constitution. Held on 24 May, the successful resolutions at the SGM established new representative departments, committees and affirmative action policies. Removal of the Asterisk in “Wom*n’s” The UMSU Wom*n’s Department will now be known as […]

24 May 2016
Representing Race

In early 2016, the UMSU Students’ Council passed funding for a People of Colour Collective at the University.

16 May 2016
Letter to the Editor: Filming at NATCON

This letter is in response to the Farrago Editorial: Transparency and Accountability in Student Organisations As someone who has actually attended the National Union of Students’ National Conference, I know that it’s a lot more than just the “political push and pull” most people outside of the organisation like to dismiss it as. NatCon is a place […]

7 December 2015
EDITORIAL: Transparency and Accountability in Student Organisations

You are accountable to the students who fund you, let them see why they should.

4 December 2015
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