Union House Theatre

Review: MUSC’s Plastic Shakespeare

For years, the Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC) has churned out quasi-experimental theatre as if by obligation to form.

27 June 2018
An Interview with UHT’s Production and Venue Manager, Khat Kerr

I am responsible for supervising and overseeing the Union Theatre and the Guild Theatre spaces and for many other tasks and activities including the scheduling of all student theatre group productions, UHT presented productions and liaising with all external hirers.

9 April 2018
An Interview with UHT’s New Artistic Director, Xanthe Beesley

Xanthe Beesley is a performer and performance-maker who has worked in an array of creative roles. We spoke to her about her vision for Union House Theatre (UHT) and what you can expect for the upcoming year.

19 March 2018
Accessible Arts

The University’s biannual creative arts festival, Mudfest, will have a firm commitment to various forms of accessibility and inclusivity.

23 August 2017
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chelsea Cucinotta on a modernised Scottish play.

4 October 2016
UHT’s New Artistic Director

Petra Kalive may be new, but she already has an eye on the future. Coming into the role of Artistic Director of Union House Theatre at the beginning of a particularly turbulent time for the student union theatre, Kalive has a lot on her plate. The relocation of Union House is on everyone’s minds, and […]

19 June 2015
Dead White Men: The Problem with Student Theatre

The UMSU theatre department’s approach to programming theatre is great. Union House Theatre works tirelessly to realise works entirely initiated by students. It is one of the only organisations in student theatre nationwide to do this. We are really, really lucky. But this semester, one of the biggest pitfalls of this system has become evident. […]