Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Coverage

Welcome to the coverage of VAMFF this year: from photography to comedic reviews, our writers sat in the front rows to get you the fashion coverage you’ve been wanting all along.

19 March 2018
Gallery: Ryder Runway at VAMFF

Our photographer Caroline Voelker travelled to the Ryder Runway show in Cremorne at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and took these beautiful shots.

Review: The Daily Edited—Tips for Succeeding in the Fashion Business at VAMFF

Discussing digital and brand strategy could have been dry, but Rice and Tran managed to make the topic fresh, and an experience that spoke of the impact women can have in the fashion industry, while building and lifting up future generations of fashion lovers.

Review: Fashion Talk 3, Shopping with the Future Generation at VAMFF

This begs the age-old question: can men really accurately create a completely expressive space for women through fashion? It was acknowledged numerous times, the irony of celebrating men in women’s fashion, during the week of International Women’s Day – and we can look back and see some of the world’s best interpreters of women’s dressing have been men: Versace, Gucci, and more recently, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain.

12 March 2018
Review: National Graduate Showcase at VAMFF

Just like the other graduate designer Xiangqiao Sheng said, “Fashion is the art of living beyond living.”

Review: True Rad Girl Runway Review at VAMFF

I want to give props to the Silent Arrow team, as the provocative models were beautifully chosen. As an Asian myself, it’s affirming to watch how diversity is valued as we see People of Colour being selected as a runway model. But not only that, people of all body sizes, skin colours and ages walked down the catwalk. The most mouth-opening of all—a pregnant lady, gorgeously strutting it down the laneway, with the whole crowd cheering in general appreciation. Five words; not your average fashion show.