Voting opens for name of new student bar

1 April 2016

Following consultation with a number of staff members and student representatives earlier in the year, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) has decided to open the naming of the new student bar to a public poll. A shortlist of six names, including The Faillieu Library and Glyn & Tonic, have been proposed – however the poll also offers students the chance to suggest their own names. The official poll can be found here. 

UMSU General Secretary James Bashford was the first to suggest opening the poll to all students at the University.

“Because the bar is brought to you by your SSAF, UMSU believes all students should have an equal say in all executive decisions,” he says.

The poll has been well received by students, who see this as a step forward for not just the bar’s development but also UMSU’s relationship with students as a whole.

“I’m really glad UMSU is consulting the students on this,” says Martin Dittman, “transparency is the most important part of a union.”

While UMSU is encouraging students to vote for one of the six shortlisted names, some students are planning to take advantage of the ‘suggest your own name’ option.

“I’m not sure about the shortlist,” says Unimelb student Jack Fryer as he cracks open a tinny, “I’m personally going to suggest The Beerllieu Library.”

The poll remains open until the end of the day and results from the poll will be announced tomorrow morning ahead of renovations.

The space, located on Level 1 of Union House and previously known as HJC, is set to reopen later this semester as a new Uni Bar for students. It is currently open for students as a social space until the necessary arrangements are made for food and alcohol to be provided.

The full shortlist:

– Redmond Bar-y

– Glyn & Tonic

– Ps Get Degrees

– Stumbling Room

– The Rowdy

– The Faillieu Library

Vote for which name you prefer here

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