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Fodder Feature: Radio Fodder Station Managers

9 August 2018

When I first applied to host a show on Radio Fodder in 2016, the station had only been around for a year or so. At this stage, it was run by the media officers with the help of some dedicated volunteers. Being split between a bunch of different obligations, the Farrago editors didn’t always have the time to help us out. Realising this, this year’s editors created positions for two station managers to help nurture Radio Fodder and its roster of talent.

Over the winter break, I had the chance to catch up with Radio Fodder’s very busy mum Carolyn Huane (Off Beet) and dad Conor Day (The Set List; A Currant, A Fair). I asked what sparked their love for radio, the best and most challenging parts of their roles, and their favourite Radio Fodder shows.

What’s the one song you could play over Radio Fodder for the rest of time, and why?

Carolyn: The one that comes to mind is ‘Green Light’ by Lorde. It makes me cry but also makes me want to dance, and that’s what I want for the listeners of Radio Fodder.

Conor: The natural answer is ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon. It’s just one of the best songs ever.

Where did your passion for the medium of radio come from?

Conor: When I came over to Australia, I think I was kind of at that age when you get into the music scene. As I got more into music, I got into some American community stations and triple j. It was like the perfect storm.

Carolyn: I was very interested in the music scene in Melbourne; there was so much going on. One way of getting involved was by having a radio show. Through having one, I was like, “Wow! Radio is great!”

What do you think makes the medium of radio so special?

Carolyn: It makes people feel at home and at ease. Having the radio on in the background as an ambient thing can be so comforting. It’s also a great way to access new music or listen to stuff you already like. But you also feel like people are talking to you, and that you’re part of a community.

Conor: Community is a huge part of it. Radio relies on the audience wanting to tune in to shows they feel a part of.

What made you want to apply to manage Radio Fodder?

Carolyn: We both had shows, and having experienced doing that made us take a greater interest in running the station and wanting to help and make it better.

Conor: There were a few ideas I had and wanted to do. Taking on this position meant that I would be able to do those.

What’s been the biggest challenge in your time as station managers?

Carolyn: I think something I realised was that we’re not going to be able to do everything we wanted to achieve. At the start, we were very ambitious. Obviously, it was great for us to be positive, but with just one year, we had to pick and choose things we were going to be able to do.

And the most rewarding part of your role?

Conor: It’s been lovely being able to help people do their show. Beforehand, while there was some support, there was obviously only so much time the [Farrago] editors could dedicate to Radio Fodder.

Carolyn: Being there and hearing about people’s shows, and how they’re going, and when they make milestones of getting cool guests…

Conor: Yeah, and when you hear someone say to you “I feel so much more confident in the studio”. Just seeing people enjoying themselves in the studio has been great.

If you had to name a favourite show on Radio Fodder, which would it be?

Conor: I really like Off Beet.

Carolyn: The Set List is pretty good, I guess.


Listen to Off Beet at 7pm Mondays on Radio Fodder as Carolyn and co-host Ashleigh talk to some great artists from the Melbourne music scene.

You can also hear Conor and co-host Alana chat to the artists at UMSU’s weekly Bands, Bevs & BBQs by searching for “The Set List” on your favourite podcast-streaming platform.

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