Students and staff say no to the Robert Menzies Institute

Students gathered on South Lawn yesterday to protest the opening gala of the Liberal-backed think-tank Robert Menzies Institute (RMI).

An open letter to all student politicians

As sleek Facebook frames are slowly being removed from the profile pictures of university students in their early twenties, and social media feeds are returning to normal from constant ‘vote for me’ c

"Please don’t ask if we’ve tried yoga”: Students fighting for disability support

Despite the University’s push to make learning accessible, through programs such as SEDS and Access Melbourne, there have yet to be endorsements from students that these programs are appropriate. Inst

Cinemas Buckle Under the Weight of the Netflix Empire

Will Hollywood blockbuster-type films continue to use Netflix as their outlet, or will they return to their rightful spot on the big screen?

Stop the Liberals, Join the Campaign against the Robert Menzies Institute!

The federal government, led by the Liberal Party, is bludgeoning universities. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have excluded thousands of university workers from JobKeeper, ramped up fees for se



Saturday Afternoon

<p>A poem by Cormac O&#8217;Brien Kirkby.</p>

Sit in a backyard cement sea and drink a beer

think about how bad it is to drink beer

and all the other people I’ve seen drunk

the same thing and how bad it looked.


Why name a beer after a suburb?

 Maybe it’s the toast of the town

though I’ve been to Carlton

and nobody drinks it there.


The cement sea can move without warning.

Possibly my surface is

              cracked like the jagged tongues snaking

              under my seat though.


Sea sits outside my window,

                     grinds with my teeth.

Land laid in the forty’s,

             colonized shitty grass

 mosaic concrete at the feet of the valley.


Valleys don’t stay still    they turn

they mush rock and mud within

a water table I think.

So the sea turns too.


It rises and bubbles beneath

     the concrete, punctuating each bubble

  with a beat or crack in the surface

                a fractured crescendo that



and though I feel it turn and see the cracks

maybe it all comes up from the bubbles in my


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