Our Stories in Numbers: The representation of victim survivors in the National Student Safety Survey

cw: mentions of sexual assault and harassment, institutional neglect From  6 September to 3 October, Universities Australia—the country’s peak corporate body of higher education—is running the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS). Conducted by  Dr. Anastasia Powell (RMIT), and the Social Research Centre, the survey is aimed at “encouraging students to share about their experiences of […]

17 September 2021
Presidential Candidate Profile: Sophie Nguyen

Meet Sophie Nguyen (she/her), the presidential candidate for Stand Up! Following a huge swing away from Stand Up! at last year’s election, the ticket has made an effort to diversify itself and adapt its campaign strategies to a virtual space. If elected, Nguyen is determined to boost student engagement with the Union, particularly online.  Farrago […]

2 September 2021
Presidential Candidate Profile: Archit Agrawal

(content warning: sexism) Meet Archit Agrawal, the presidential candidate for Community. Following an unsuccessful campaign last year for UMSU’s president role, Agrawal is committed to centering student voices, particularly those of international students like himself. While Community held the vast majority of UMSU offices and positions this year, Agrawal says the ticket will continue to […]

30 August 2021
Presidential Candidate Profile: Emma Dynes

content warning: racism Meet Emma Dynes (she/her), the UMSU presidential candidate for Left Action! Her main aim as president is to establish an activist presence within UMSU, and fight back against the Right, both off and on campus. Dynes is deeply involved in activism both on a national and international scale and believes that solidarity […]

29 August 2021
Presidential Candidate Profile: Ezra Bangun

Meet Ezra Bangun, the presidential candidate for VVholesome, a ticket “for memes and fun that wants UMSU to be better”. Farrago sat down with Bangun to find out more about their presidential campaign in the upcoming UMSU Elections and their vision for the Union in 2022. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. […]

28 August 2021
Presidential Candidate Profile: Daisy Norfolk

Meet Daisy Norfolk (she/her), the presidential candidate for Independents for Student Democracy (ISD). While Norfolk isn’t super confident of her small ticket’s chances of taking the President’s office next year, she believes it’s important for students to have a wider variety of candidates to choose from. Norfolk is passionate about fostering a sense of community […]

27 August 2021
How can UMSU International improve future elections?

When the results of the University of Melbourne Student Union International’s (UMSU INTL)  annual general elections popped up on my Facebook news feed, as an international student, I was excited to see who would be representing our community in the following year. However, when I saw how few votes had been cast in the election, […]

18 August 2021
VCA students lodging complaint to Victorian Ombudsman in fight for fee relief

Students of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are planning to lodge a formal complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman about the University of Melbourne’s alleged failure to provide the quality of education promised to them. Students have turned to the Ombudsman for help with their fee relief campaign as they believe they have been […]

6 June 2021
Petition Calls for Review of ‘Transphobic’ Melbourne University Subject

(content warning: transphobia) A petition has been launched by the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Queer Political Action Collective calling for the review of the second year Winter Philosophy subject Feminism, over concerns that the subject includes transphobic rhetoric.   The petition outlines concerns over the subject’s content, as well as the conduct of teaching […]

2 June 2021
UniMelb not offering rebates for students stuck overseas—but why?

“Why are we paying so much to attend Zoom University?” Ah, the common line we hear these days. COVID-19 has definitely changed university life drastically, particularly for international students stuck overseas. Many feel that the quality of education has been severely compromised, especially with the lack of face-to-face interaction. Having to pay hefty tuition fees […]

2 June 2021
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