UniMelb not offering rebates for students stuck overseas—but why?

“Why are we paying so much to attend Zoom University?” Ah, the common line we hear these days. COVID-19 has definitely changed university life drastically, particularly for international students stuck overseas. Many feel that the quality of education has been severely compromised, especially with the lack of face-to-face interaction. Having to pay hefty tuition fees […]

2 June 2021
UniMelb Posts Surplus During COVID-19–At Whose Cost?

The University of Melbourne posted a surplus of $8 million during the COVID-19 pandemic, having cut more than 750 jobs and dozens of University subjects, alongside $360 million in spending. Cost-cutting policies, however, have come at the expense of the student experience and well-being of University staff. University Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell said that the small […]

1 June 2021
UMSU-in-brief: What’s new with your student union?

While you’ve been smashing back-to-back coffees, or spending an ungodly amount of time in the Baillieu this semester, a LOT has been happening at the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU). But, don’t fret! Farrago is here to catch you up on everything you’ve missed… 1. General Secretary Resigns UMSU’s General Secretary resigned in late-April, […]

25 May 2021
Budget Breakdown — What’s in it for you?

On 11 May 2021, the federal government released its 2021–2022 budget. The previous year has been tumultuous, and this budget reflects that—the Liberal party has essentially been forced by circumstance to abandon their small-government ideology with big-spending measures, paving the way to national debt of up to $1 trillion.  Some media commentators have called this […]

20 May 2021
Why should you join the School Strike 4 Climate?

On 21 May, students across the country will go on strike to demand action on climate change. Organised by the School Strike 4 Climate, the rally calls for the Morrison government #FundOurFutureNotGas. Its demands include: Resource of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led solutions that guarantee land rights and care for country Fund the creation of […]

20 May 2021
Concerns Arise as COVID-19 Supplement End-Date Looms

As financial supplements introduced by the government during COVID-19 are set to end on 28 March, there is rising discussion over the potentially adverse impacts that this may have on tertiary students across Australia.  Whilst some students have been able to access such financial support, others have been excluded from receiving government welfare payments throughout […]

26 April 2021
Long-term Effects of Job-ready Graduates Package Still Uncertain

Background The Job-ready Graduate Package is expected to significantly reshape higher education pathways and impact many students across the country. However, it is anticipated that the impacts of the legislation, which passed in October 2020, will not be fully known for several years.  The package is set to see certain courses, primarily in the fields […]

26 April 2021
UniMelb Policy Reversion Another Setback for International Students

UniMelb Policy Reversion Another Setback for International Students Vanessa Chan and Jiyun Kim  Unable to return to campus this semester, international students stuck overseas are now facing changes to Reduced Study Load (RSL) and Leave of Absence (LoA) eligibility.  With the University resisting to list COVID-19 as a compassionate reason for the RSL and LoA […]

26 April 2021
COVID-safe Activism on Campus

Due to COVID restrictions, students and organisations at the University of Melbourne will have to rethink the way they protest this year. The University has a rich history of student protest, from Invasion Day marches to the die-in staged in the Arts West foyer on Open Day to protest the University’s participation in the 2019 […]

26 April 2021
REVIEW: Lewis Capaldi’s New Album ‘Lullabies for people of neglect’

Capaldi is known for using vague, at times confusing metaphors to describe the human experience in his music. Now, in 2021, the 24-year-old is back with more melodrama than your nana’s Mills & Boon novels. To talk about this fresh and unique take on lullabies, we sat down with Capaldi in his parents’ plush studio […]

26 April 2021
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