Review: No Document— a novel or a puzzle?

No Document is a non-fiction essay by Anwen Crawford about power in the face of human suffering. Through her own experiences of losing a close friend, interwoven with political disseminations, Anwen Crawford attempts to unravel her pain and explore loss in the form of artworks, film and protest.  From the first page, Crawford shocks and […]

24 May 2021
Review: No Hat No Play! The Cabaret

Picture this, you’re in Year 6. You’re at the top of the primary school food chain. You’re trying your best to rock that polyester-cotton primary colour and brown uniform for your final year until you hit… duh duh duhhhh… teenagerhood. No Hat No Play! The Cabaret was all nostalgia, bringing together all the types of […]

22 May 2021
Review: On the Origin of Faeces

Science comedian Alanta Colley’s “On the Origin of Faeces” is a joyous reflection on her relationship with poo, a wonderful evening of refreshing but somehow never crass comedy.  A handbell signalled the start of the show as we took our seats in the cosy theatre of  Melbourne’s famous Butterfly Club. As this was my first […]

22 May 2021
Review: Love Objects

Author:  Emily Maguire Publisher:  Allen & Unwin Year:  2021 Category: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Drama Endearing, from the heart. Forty-five-year-old Nic seems to be on top of it all. She is living in her inherited family home (much to the chagrin of her estranged sister), has a stable job in a local supermarket which she has held […]

17 May 2021
Review: Tsarina –a dazzling glimpse into the mad world of Russian autocracy

Year: 2021 Publisher: Bloomsbury Price: $29.99   As described by the acclaimed historical fiction writer Daisy Goodwin, the 500-page mammoth of a book Tsarina “makes Game of Thrones look like a nursery rhyme,” as it follows the thrilling tale of Catherine the First of Russia. Full disclosure, I haven’t read Game of Thrones, but I […]

17 May 2021
Review: “Who Killed John Lennon? The Lives, Loves and Deaths of the Greatest Rockstar.”

Author:  Lesley-Ann Jones Publisher:  Allen & Unwin Year:  2020 Category: Non-Fiction/Biography/Music  A must for fans of Lennon and The Beatles   It’s been over twenty years since the news of the death of rock music legend, John Lennon, hit the media. Since that time the music scene has been replete with rumours, facts and suspicions […]

17 May 2021
Review: Car Crash – Lech Blaine

Publisher: Black Inc (an imprint of Schwartz Book Pty Ltd) Year: 2021 Page number: 251 content warning: death, mental illness “Recovering from depression was like trying to unlearn a second language.”  I have always been particularly reluctant to read memoirs on trauma, mindful they could blend into each other and run the risk of being […]

17 May 2021
Review: Intimacy and Solitude: Finding New Closeness and Self-Trust in a Distanced World

Publisher: Allen & Unwin (first published by William Heinemann Australia 1991) Year: 2021 Page number: 340 How does one navigate the mess of psychosocial issues from unresolved childhood trauma and ghosts of past relationships? With the recent milestone of acquiring my first boyfriend (weird flex but ok), a zealous determination to become ~*The Best Girlfriend […]

17 May 2021
I’ve Been Thinking About Nothing but Supergiant’s Hades for Weeks

The world is garbage. Let’s talk about video games. Specifically, one video game that has invaded my life and my brain, consuming every waking moment of conscious thought since it was released on Nintendo Switch in September 2020. I’m talking about Hades, Supergiant Games’ latest release and the new love of my life (until the […]

23 April 2021
Review: Kit Richard’s Scandal: The Musical! (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 28th March 2021)

On the way to Carlton’s magnificent and massive Trades Hall, I decided to follow Google Maps. A dumb move considering it’s on the corner of Lygon and Victoria and therefore not difficult to find for someone who’s lived close to the city for nearly three years now. But somehow I do get lost trying to […]

8 April 2021
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