Melbourne Model 2.0

Double degrees and a new Bachelor of Health may be on offer to University of Melbourne students as soon as 2019 as part of the second phase of the Melbourne Model.

21 May 2018
UniMelb Below Average in Student Experience, Survey Finds

The University of Melbourne has ranked below average in a student experience survey of Australian universities, published by Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching.

17 May 2018
Student Impact Committee Launches

The University is launching the brand new Student Impact Committee to help student volunteers understand philanthropy and its impact on the University of Melbourne community. While this presents an opportunity for deeper student engagement, some students have criticised the lack of financial remuneration.

26 April 2018
Degree in Prestige—Is It Worth It?

Whether you agree with the results or not, something is clearly not adding up between our high scores on world level rankings, bolstered by research projects, and our abysmal results when it comes to satisfaction with university teaching as determined by authentic student voices.

24 April 2018
Sustainable Investment Framework Reveals Fossil Fuel Divestment Not on University Agenda

The University of Melbourne released its Sustainable Investment Framework (SIF) on 28 March, outlining the University’s approach to sustainability in its investment portfolios and processes. The SIF established that the University will not be be adopting a ‘strict exclusion approach’ from investing in the fossil fuel industry, citing concerns around ‘financial strength’.

5 April 2018
“What Kind of ‘Diversity’?”: Mixed Feelings Over Respect and Diversity Week Merger

The University of Melbourne’s decision to combine Respect Week and Diversity Week this year has garnered mixed reactions from students.

1 April 2018
Fossil Free Hangs Out The University’s Dirty Laundry

Today students from Fossil Free Melbourne University (FFMU) hung up their dirty laundry outside the Raymond Priestley building to put pressure on the University to divest from fossil fuels.

22 March 2018
Problem Provost

Concerns have been raised over the appointment of Mark Considine as the University’s provost, due to his history of downsizing and cutting funding from the Faculty of Arts during his term as dean. A former office bearer for the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) said, “Mark Considine once said to me that the University […]

14 February 2018
Dean of Arts to Take Over as University Provost

In another big shake-up for the University of Melbourne leadership team, Mark Considine will replace Margaret Sheil as the University’s provost in February 2018.

30 November 2017
New Vice-Chancellor Announced

Duncan Maskell has taken out the top job after a long search for the University of Melbourne’s new vice-chancellor

26 October 2017
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