REVIEW: Sam Taunton – Rooster (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

I first saw Australian comedian Sam Taunton perform in 2019 at the Palais Theatre, when he was the opening act for Rob Brydon’s live show I Am Standing Up. I remember thinking ‘Wow! What a great opening act!’, and wanted to see more of his work. And 2 years later, here we are. Taunton’s first […]

5 April 2021
Review: Back

It is fair to say, without doubt nor hesitation, that Tim Minchin is Back!

12 April 2019
Review: The Lazy Show

As someone who only just purged the primary school art work still living in my drawers, and has had ‘go vegetarian’ on my to-do list for four years now but has never bothered to learn how to cook, I am well versed in the art of procrastination and chronic laziness. I believed there would be no better show to describe my terrible life choices than The Lazy Show, promoted as a mixture of stand-up comedy and personal storytelling by Nikki Viveca that captures what it means to be “a lazy person in a busy person’s world”. And it certainly delivered.

27 February 2019
Interview: Ethan Cavanagh

All of us know a class clown, with their witty comebacks and laughable one-liners at the ready, but Ethan Cavanagh took it to the next level when he took out the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Class Clowns state finals and came runner-up in nationals in 2015.

8 October 2018
Review: Becky Lucas—Cute Funny Smart Sexy Beautiful

Becky’s show is like a light-hearted, insightful water-cooler type conversation with the girl that works at your office that shares just a little too much about their sex life.

19 April 2018
Tessa Waters
Interview: Tessa Waters

Tess Waters is storming this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Having sold-out all her shows in Perth and Adelaide, Tessa beings her iconic style of physicalised, sketch, and straight stand-up comedy to Melbourne.

14 April 2018
Interview: The Travelling Sisters

The Travelling Sisters have a determination, tenacity and evocative joy that is taking them to incredible places at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Review: Celia Pacquola is an Absolute Delight

Clever, warm and honest, Pacquola effortlessly intertwines hilarious personal anecdotes including her reaction to being flashed by a man while out with a friend, with serious undertones of her grappling with her unbalanced mental health. The latter is particularly poignant, as Pacquola has publicly climbed the ladder of success and fame over the last couple of years, for which she notes the majority of the audience would have come expecting “that nice girl from the ABC”.

13 April 2018
Review: Josh Glanc’s All-in-One Comedy Spectacular

From a wannabe bike rider bustling through Melbourne’s CBD to an NFL star promoting the benefits of using raw fish and a magical Chicken Tikka Masala wrap, viewers have a lot to be charmed by. By the end, Glanc is down to nothing but his underwear, proving that this modern, millennial themed show strays far from the classics.

12 April 2018
Review: Fall in Love with Rhys Nicholson

The setting of the Swiss club, a restaurant/bar/function space serving the delicacies of Switzerland, oddly suited eccentrically charming Nicholson, noting it as an ideal location if a war were to suddenly break out on Flinders Lane. Seminal is the eight solo stand up show of trouper Nicholson, joining notable Bonda Fide, which was nominated for the best show award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016.

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