Jennifer’s Body: Hell is a Teenage Girl

content warning: sexism, graphic violence and gore. Spoilers for Jennifer’s Body. Horror has always been a tool to explore girlhood and female virtue. But what Jennifer’s Body (2009) does differently—and so well—is show a teenage girl in her ultimate form: brutal, cringey, flawed, and most importantly, still a child. The script narrates the story of […]

5 March 2021
‘Feeling’ Zachary Leo’s New Sound

In today’s age where the majority of mainstream music is filled with mind-numbing beats, Zachary Leo’s sound is a breath of fresh air. The 21-year-old Melbourne based artist began his journey in 2019 releasing the singles She and Lay You Down, and more recently released the extremely catchy single Not That Easy. Fresh off a […]

28 July 2020
Review: Henry Green’s ‘Half Light’ feels like waking up on a day off

Suffice to say that in the Year of Our Lord 2020, we’ve all had our fair share of emotional rollercoasters. There are moments when you feel inspired and in control, there are other moments when you feel anything but. Sometimes, it’s almost like you’re sleepwalking. From his attic studio, dream pop artist Henry Green has […]

6 July 2020
Alien Asia Aesthetic

Stephanie Zhang dissects techno-orientalism

19 April 2018
'Awards' by Sharon Huang Liang
Live from Hollywood

Daniel Beratis asks why we subject ourselves to Awards Season™

4 March 2018
Apocalyptic Imaginings

This is not an article criticising the media young people choose to consume. 

10 October 2017